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Wine … let the bottles lie down …

I thought that wine bottles were always lying down on the counters and shelves of bars and bistros, and indeed in shops, to be aesthetically pleasing. But no! The reason is that by lying down the wine conserves all its quality because the precious nectar remains in contact with the stopper. And through being in […]

Fraudulent Cure for Cancer …

Two Englishmen aged 42 and 51 are under lock and key in France for having sold a fraudulent cure for  cancer. And not only cancer but also sclerosis, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and even autism. And they claimed furthermore that their magic medication protected the human body against all infections. They marketed their miracle cure under the […]

Napoleon Bonaparte … a strange fact about him …

  Many facts there are about Napoléon Bonaparte : about his life, his battles, his death. Here though is the strangest of all facts about him. Napoléon was born on 15/08/1769. He died on 5/5/1821. He had lived for 51 years, 8 months and 21 days. Put those together 51821. And what do you get? 51821, […]

How to ripen an avocado …

  Does it also make you so angry that one cannot find in the shops a ripe avocado? In other words, an avocado one can eat on the very day one buys it. Well, I have a trick to ripen a non-ripe (hard) avocado quickly. This is what you do: Wrap it in newsprint and […]

Assistance offered with writing … Look no further …

Hi, You want to write a book but you are uncertain about how to get started. I will advise you, just as I have helped many others. I also offer my services as a Copy Editor and a Proof Reader. All you would have to do would be to email me your document in Word.  […]

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