Archive: January, 2008

It is now “défense de fumer” in “le bistrot” …

Since January 1 it is forbidden to smoke in France in public places. This means that one can no longer light up when enjoying one’s “petit café noir” or “petit ballon de vin rouge” in a bistrot. As a non-smoker and anti-tobacconist (I think I just this minute invented that word!) I am delighted that […]

French women and cows …

Two French women and 100,000 French cows are making the headlines in France. It’s kind of a good way to start a year … at least it’s not an earthquake or a tsunami or terrorist attack doing so. The two French ladies are Cécilia Sarkozy, President Sarkozy’s Ex, and Carla Bruni, his new beloved. And […]

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