Archive: April, 2008

The war that won’t go away …

Vietnam? Gulf? No! World War Two. An exhibition, Les Parisiens sous l’Occupation (The Parisians under the Occupation) is causing a storm here. The exhibition which opened Thursday, March 20 and will run until July 1, is at the municipal Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris (the national history museum). It is an exhibit of […]

Topics of Conversation …

As usual, or rather as for the past year, President Sarkozy is yet again the top topic of conversation here. Remember, he was elected President on May 6, 2007. The latest opinion poll (to be published in ‘Paris Match’ magazine tomorrow, Thursday, April 24) shows that only 28% of French people are now satisfied with […]

Thin is glamorous … did you say? What about drinking?

How do you feel about your bathroom scale? Is it your greatest enemy? Do you blame it for that extra kilo or 500 grams you’ve gained since your last weigh-in and not the Mars bars you’ve been nibbling while watching tv? If so, then welcome to the club I’ve just founded: the ABBS! Club – […]

Ch’tis …

Ch’tis … What an odd word. What can it possibly mean or if it’s an object what can it be? I admit that until Wednesday, February 27, I had never heard the word. Ch’tis – its English translation is being given as Shtis – is what the people of Northern France are called by their […]

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