Archive: May, 2008

Skyscrapers … smoke … sex …

Skyscrapers … A while back I wrote about skyscrapers being planned for Paris. A project for one has just been approved by the Paris authorities. La Tour Signal de la Défense will be up by 2012. La Défense is an area of high-rise buildings and can be seen on the horizon between the ‘legs’ of […]

Taxi Taxi … !

If you have ever stood in the rain at 6pm on a Paris sidewalk trying to hail a taxi, you’re going to jump up and down after having read this .. France’s Minister of Interior, the bespectacled and almost always pants-suited, Michèlle Alliot-Marie, is transforming France’s legislation for taxis. Yes, there are laws in this […]

A Sunny Place for Shady People …

The Cannes Film Festival ends tonight. The French media, as it does each May, covered it thoroughly: we know who turned up with who; who wouldn’t talk to who etc etc. The current issue of the French weekly VSD (it stands for Vendredi Samedi Dimanche – Friday Saturday Sunday) has a cover story on what […]

The Emperor has clothes but no country …

Portrait of Napoleon 3 by Franz Winterhalter We all know what happened to Louis the 16th and his wife Marie-Antoinette, so it’s pretty certain that the French will never again go in for a monarchy, yet there is debate here whether to allow another of France’s monarchs, in fact, France’s last monarch, to return home. […]

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