Archive: July, 2008

Culture and politics, do they mix … ?

Four French cities – Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse – are vying for the honor of being designated European Capital of Culture 2013. Ye – 2013. It’s a little like football and rugby world cups, or the Olympics for that matter; candidate cities need time to prepare their applications and presentations. Europe has had a […]

The Rich Are Different …

“The Rich are Different,” Scott Fitzgerald said to Hemingway one day. “Yes,” replied Hemingway, “they have more money than us.” And they have yachts. The French magazines are full of pictures of the world’s zillionaires sunning themselves on their yachts off the likes of Saint-Tropez and Cannes. I was tempted to say “the world’s overweight […]

People … none as weird as folks …

Some people stories have grabbed attention here in France. The saddest of the stories is the one about the boy of two and a half ‘forgotten’ by his father in a locked car. ‘I forgot the boy was in the car’ is what the father, 38 and a pharmacist, told police. It happened in the […]

A gate is a gate is a gate …

Or is it? Not, no, when it’s the gate of Versailles Palace. Three centuries ago – October 1789 – an angry mob of Parisians had torn the Palace’s gate down. Three months earlier, on July 14, they had already burnt down Paris’ Bastille Prison in what was the commencement of La Révolution Française. If you’ve […]

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