Archive: October, 2008

Suicide a click of the mouse away …

They say one can buy anything, find whatever information one needs and get the contact details of anyone on the WWW. Every day I thank sites like Wikipedia or the CIA’s “World Factbook” when I quickly need to know, say, the kWh of electricity that France exports and imports annually, or how many main line […]

The Demon Drink …. (Oh do please read with caution!)

A French cardiologist has written a book about how alcohol addiction can be overcome. No – cured! Cured, so that you can have a glass without the urge to have another and another and another … Dr. Olivier Ameisen, 50, was himself an alcoholic, a drinker who had tried several addiction dry-outs as well as […]

Aimez-vous Marie-Antoinette … ?

Aimez-vous Marie-Antoinette … ? Today, Tuesday October 14 2008, a bit of French history goes under the hammer here in Paris. Christie’s is to auction some objects which had belonged to the late Count and Countess of Paris. The Count, Pretender to the French Throne in his time – full name Henri Robert Ferdinand Marie […]

Aimez-vous Picasso … ?

Do you like Picasso ? If you do, Paris is the place to be in. Today, October 8 2008, here in Paris, three parallel Picasso exhibitions open. The largest of the three is at the Grand Palais. The other two are at the Louvre and the Museum d’Orsay. The exhibitions are described as “the event […]

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