Archive: January, 2009

The Eagle and the Quill … or … Sex and the Emperor …

As you may know Napoleon lies buried in a red-marble tomb in Les Invalides in Paris. Les Invalides, its golden dome as much part of the capital’s skyline as the Eiffel Tower, does not only house the tomb but also the Church of Saint-Louis, a military hospital and the Musée de l’Armée – the Army […]

True crime readers of the world unite …

The Austrian Ogre himself … Josef Fritzl, the Austrian incest father goes on trial in Austria on March 16. You may like to read the article I’ve written about him – the Austrian Ogre – on And while you’re on that website you may as well look around and read some other articles as […]

Who does not love a mystery …

La Talaudiere Bermuda Triangle? Mary Celeste? Loch Ness Monster? Will such mysteries ever be solved? Probably not. Because what will replace them? Johnny Depp’s shoe size? I doubt it. France too has her fair share of mysteries. I’ll be writing about these in the months to come. Today, I’m starting with the Blandine Case. It […]

Last supper … ? No, he came back for more …

El Bulli Restaurant For the past six months the question that had been asked most in French restaurants has been – no, not “would sir/madam like an aperitif?” – but: whatever could have happened to poor Pascal Henry? Did I say Pascal Henry? Sure did. Maybe until you read this you would not have heard […]

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