Archive: May, 2009

Losing one’s head … but love has nothing to do with it …

The Guillotine being washed down after Dr. Petiot’s execution. Always, this time of the year, I remember with a smile what my mom used to say to me: “Marilyn,” she would say, “when you meet a young man one of these days, please don’t lose your head …” But why would I remember those words […]

The War of the Pigeon … finally peace

A Paris Pigeon It was a bloody war. It raged for longer than the 100-Year War. Initially it was a war that was fought with sticks and stones, then science made it possible to fight it also with chemicals and castration. The casualties counted in the millions. These were all on the side of the […]

64 years of peace … this day, a day the French remember not to forget …

Photo: The Liberation of Paris Today, 64 years ago World War Two ended. Hitler was dead; his ally in Rome, Mussolini, was dead and his other ally, the Emperor of Japan was no longer a ‘god’ but just a man. Some say he should have been hanged (hung if you speak American English …) just […]

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