Archive: June, 2009

On a Wing and a Prayer …

Earlier this month an Air France plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean flying from Rio to Paris. During the night another plane crashed flying from Paris to the Indian Ocean island of the Comoros. Two plane crashes involving Paris. Now there is to be a third such crash of a plane flying either to Paris […]

Eiffel Tower kills …

They said it could not happen; one could not jump from the Eiffel Tower anymore to kill oneself. They were wrong. A Brazilian tourist – a young girl aged 18 – just did. And she smashed to her death on to the glass roof of the packed 1st-floor restaurant down below. “It was a shocking […]

Goodbye … for a while

I’m going to fall silent for a while. I won’t be blogging and I also won’t be reading any blogs. I want to clear my head … This photo is of a park close to my apartment. It’s a peaceful place. I plan to walk there every day (if only it will stop raining!!) and […]

Sixty-five years ago today … D-Day

Swastika on a Normandy Beach I always read the Today: Twenty years ago, or seventy-five years ago and so on columns in newspapers. Well, today 65 years ago it was D-Day. (And yes David, should you be reading this, I know Operation Overlord did not start on June 5 …) Today’s commemoration ceremonies seemed to […]

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