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French’s favorite food … cheese and wine …

President Nicolas Sarkozy passed out (he had a vasovagal syncope as French state tv said wanting to be posh) while jogging in the park of the Chateau of Versailles. (He and his wife spend weekends in the chateau …) It then became known that he was on a very strict ‘top-model/size zero’ diet. One wonders […]

Infanticide …

Jo Wake on her blog here drew my attention to an infanticide case in San Antonio, Texas. It’s a horrible story but what it comes down to is that 33-year-old Otty Sanchez knifed her 30-day-old son to death and then dismembered the little body and ate some of the flesh. She’s in prison now. Well, […]

Napoleon to live again …

Yes, Napoleon is to live again. Amazing what they can do today. Remember, you’ve read it here first … click here Tweet #MarilynZTomlins

Paris summer … the saga continues

This is one of my favourite Paris streets. It is the Paris tourists never see. Tweet #MarilynZTomlins

Paris swine flu alert ….

The Paris city hall has decided to do something about the spread of swine flu, read it here And have a good laugh; there is little enough to laugh about in the world these days. Tweet #MarilynZTomlins

Do you want to read what’s going on in Paris …

If so, you can read it here: spoof Enjoy, and remember it is just a spoof article. Tweet #MarilynZTomlins

Paris summer skyline …

Here is another pic of Paris. This is the view from my terrace. You can see the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse Tower (Paris’ tallest building)and to the bottom right you will see a golden ball – that’s the Invalides where Napoleon lies buried. Tweet #MarilynZTomlins

Bastille Day …

Today is France’s national day. 14th of July or Bastille Day. Today we commemorate the chopping off of some royal heads. Or, as someone once told my husband when he asked how the French could celebrate the guillotining of their royals, and he was told, “No, that we do not do. We celebrate the fact […]

Paris … Paris … Paris …

I am always being told that I am lucky living in Paris. Therefore, this summer I will share my Paris with you. I will every few days post a picture here. This morning’s is to show you how quiet Paris is right now because the summer holidays have started. This is normally a very busy […]

Michael Jackson is not dead …

You may be in deep mourning for Michael Jackson. Please don’t be. He’s not dead. He is well and alive and living at Disneyland Paris. You can read the exclusive story here: click here Enjoy – and if you’ve never heard of have a look around. (And yes I made a typo in my […]

Mont Saint-Michel … beautiful …

I usually write about death and destruction, but I do also write about pleasant things. Like for example I’ve written a guide for the new travel site that goes by the name of simonseeks. I wrote about Mont Saint-Michel (Saint Michael’s Mount) here in France, a most beautiful place. You will find it Mont Saint-Michel […]


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