Archive: August, 2009

65 years ago today …

Today, 65 years ago – August 25 1944 – Paris was liberated from the Nazis (German and French). The war was still to continue for 9 month, but the Germans and their lackey Philippe Petain no longer governed France. Today, there will be a commemorative ceremony in central Paris, in front of the Hotel de […]

Princess Diana … death … oh again!

This time of the year there is always much talk in Paris of the night of Princess Diana’s death Saturday/Sunday, 30/31 August 1997. As journalists reminisce when they get together, they all made a lot of money with her death: editors were paying high fees for scoops. They could even have gone to their banks […]

France wants peace in Afghanistan

You can now read here (exclusively) how President Sarkozy plans to bring peace to Afghanistan. here

Give me my daily bread but in a Paris restaurant svp …

The restaurant is La Fontaine de Mars. And if you want to be someone who is somebody, or maybe just someone who wants to be able to brag to your friends about where you eat these days, then this is where you will have to lunch or dine on your next trip to Paris. Why? […]


The French call AIDS, SIDA. They say that as they were the ones who discovered the virus, the disease’s real name is SIDA and everyone should call it that. Anyway, the pic is of a SIDA prevention advertisement the Paris city hall is running this summer. For those of you who do not know French, […]

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