Archive: September, 2009

Brigitte Bardot … not 75! …

In her heyday she was an international sex symbol. Her hit films earned as much money for France as the country’s perfume and fashion industries combined. The German playboy billionaire Gunther Sachs dropped a ton of red rose petals from an plane on to her St. Tropez villa to tell her that he loved her. […]

The Princess (Diana) and the President …

It is said that each of us dream of Queen Elizabeth some time or other. I mean like dream when we are asleep. In France, it’s rather different. Here the men dream of the late Princess Diana. Again I mean like dream while they’re sleeping. They dream that they are her lover – and then […]

Saint Therese … Patron Saint of AIDS sufferers … quits France …

Well, remains of, rather. The story is this. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (Calvados region, Northern France), born Marie-Françoise Therèse Martin, the daughter of Louis, a watchmaker and Marie-Azèlie (called Zelie) a lacemaker was a 19th century Carmelite nun. She cared for the ill and the poor and was a great admirer of Saint Joan of […]

Paris hotels … not so expensive

A survey of hotels in Europe shows that the average price for a night in a Paris hotel has dropped by 13% to 111 Euros. That’s $162 or £97 a night. Expensive? Perhaps not but it doesn’t sound all that cheap either. What can 111 Euros buy one for example? You can have a haircut, […]

One too many … apartheid for France … ?

Brice Hortefeux – nice name. One from a romance novel one can almost say. Well, this Brice Hortefeux is France’s Interior Minister (Home Secretary as the Brits say). And he also happens to be one of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s closest friends and collaborators. Therefore – or perhaps not therefore, but you will know what I […]

When the French kissing stopped …

It happened this week. The kissing stopped. It was la rentree when the French return to work and to school after their long summer vacation and normally would have been kissing each other on the cheek like crazy – right, left, right, left and maybe right again, but this year they just stood there and […]

Subway … tube … metro … tram … bus … your feet …

The next time you’re being crushed almost to pulp in the subway etc, think of this. France’s president,Nicolas Sarkozy, does not live in our official presidential palace – the Elysée Palace – but he lives with his wife, the former model, actress and singer, Carla Bruni (oops! Madame Sarkozy) in her apartment in Paris’s chic […]

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