Archive: October, 2009

Chrysanthemum … please, no …!

Always, in these last days of October, the Chrysanthemum is to be seen everywhere in France. Earthen-ware pots filled with chrysanthemums stand outside florist shops and in our supermarkets and at the gates of our cemeteries. When I first came to live here I wondered what this was all about, what was this with the […]

What to do about repeat child molesters …

For lack of knowing how to illustrate this post … a rose … Not a nice topic I know, but some issues need be faced. There is a debate in France over whether to castrate, chemically or physically, sex offenders. We have a few cases here right now of sex offenders having been released before […]

The frog and the pumpkin … a Halloween tale …

The frog and the pumpkin … For about 15 years now the shopkeepers here in France have unsuccessfully tried to get the French to celebrate Halloween. Store windows were decorated with pumpkins and witches and goblins, but no-can-do, Halloween has not taken on. The Catholic Church here also warned that it was a pagan celebration, […]

French Favorite Food … something fishy going on …

The Swordfish – espadon in French It is said that one should eat fish three times a week. (This is beside the point, but I am a fish-eating vegetarian, so I eat fish every day.) How good it is for people like me to eat fish every day is something I would like to know, […]

Is that a baguette…?

Do you love French bread? Especially the baguette? Well you can click on the top item in here to the right, or you can click here if you wish to read what the French are doing to the baguette now. And it is to boost the birth rate! And while you’re there give me […]

Is it raining today …?

Is it raining where you are? Do you need a little cheering up, something to read to make you laugh … or to smile, at least. Click on the item at the top of to the right here. The item with the heading Sex Tourism in Paris … Enjoy! And remember it is all […]

Must leave the Eiffel Tower alone …

As you will see on the above photo, the Eiffel Tower has gone red and white. Why? To mark the start of a nine-month period of promoting Turkish art and culture. The poor old tower has already gone blue – that was for six months last year to mark France’s presidency of the European Union […]

Did you say Herta Müller … ?

Who she? You may well ask. She’s a Romanian-born German who writes. And yes, she’s just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature … No one has heard of her before yesterday and no one will probably remember her name after January 1, 2010. Now why am I blogging about this? There are two reasons. […]

Mitterrand … with 2 tees and 2 rrs … and a bad reputation

Frédéric Mitterrand is the name. He is France’s Minister of Culture. He is also the nephew of a former president of France, the late François Mitterrand. François Mitterrand was a socialist. Frédéric Mitterrand, a former tv presenter, is so as well, yet he accepted the post of Minister of Culture in Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-wing government. […]

A Paris Eating Experience …

Never before have I recommended a Paris, or French, eating place, but there is a first time for everything, as is said, so here goes. Au Chien Qui Fume – The Dog that Smokes, or The Smoking Dog. If you are in Paris and you’ve not yet eaten there, spoil yourself please, and do so. […]

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