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Pigalle … Pig Alley … Sex and Death …

Ask any Parisian (male or female) when they’d last been in Paris’s Pigalle district, and they will tell you that they never go there. That Pigalle is for tourists and for men seeking sex. I go there about twice a year … sounds ominous non? So, let me tell you quickly, I take visiting family […]

Merci Donnant … Art Buchwald … and the French …

Once upon a time there was an American named Art Buchwald. A humorist and columnist, he lived and wrote here in Paris. Paris was still then the Paris of Gene Kelly and Singing in the Rain, and Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, and Gregory Peck, and Hemingway … etc etc etc. At Thanksgiving of […]

The French Lover … where has he gone … ?

If the statistics are correct, the French Lover is an endangered species. How come? This is hard to believe, but the French male is inclined to lift his hand rather often against the woman in his life. In 2008, 156 (yes 156) women died here in France as a result of a beating from their […]

Please no turkey this Christmas … we’re French … !

Marilyn, what do the French eat for Christmas? This is a question I am so often asked. Before I write another word let me tell you – I will be eating at McDonald’s this Cmas because I’ve not eaten a hamburger now for 6 years so it will be a treat, whereas Cmas comes every […]

What an idiot … or as the French say … quel con … !

PHOTO OF TONI MUSULIN ON HIS SURRENDER. This is a “Nice Matin” photo. Toni Musulin, the guy who rode off in the Loomis security van loaded with €11.6 million (see my entry of November 7 – They seek him here … they seek him there … they seek him everywhere … )has surrendered to the […]

Playing with people’s feelings …

A jobsworth named Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier, owner of the site Mailoramdotcom announced on the site that today, Saturday, November 14, they will be giving away money. This, he said, will happen towards the end of the day and at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Being interviewed on our radio stations this jobsworth said that they […]

Miss … Ms … Mr … ?

Miss … Ms … Mr … ? The French Air Force has refused to acknowledge the gender change from male to female of one of their non-commissioned officers. Fifteen years ago Thierry Ravisé-Giard, then aged 21, joined the Air Force. Two years ago he returned from a long sick leave and he was no longer […]

Topics of conversation in France …

The Poppy What are the French talking about? Mostly about the Euromillions lottery draw of this Friday of €15 million (23 million dollars/14 million pounds) and of the French super lottery draw also on Friday (the 13th) of €13 million (20 million dollars/12 million pounds). Well, one can dream can’t one. Then also about the […]

They seek him here … they seek him there … they seek him everywhere …

Photo: Tony Musulin Further to my blog entry of yesterday – His Christmas Shopping List is Taken Care Of – the name of the security van’s robber is Tony Musulin. He is 39, unmarried, and hails from the ex-Yugoslavia. He’s been with Loomis for 10 years and far from being the penniless guy of first […]

His Christmas shopping list is taken care of …

Photo: A 500-Euro note. This is a story movies are made of. It was an ordinary Thursday in November – Nov 5. The town was Lyon, eastern France. It was 10 in the morning. No one these days takes much notice of a security van pulling up outside a bank. Therefore, no one stopped to […]

Nothing to read …?

Should you have nothing to read, maybe you could read my newest true crime article. It’s not all blood and guts, but about a man making the French police look rather silly. it is here

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