Archive: December, 2009

They shoot horses don’t they …?

Under a new law dancing places – clubs, discos etc – can now remain open here in France until 7 a.m. I wonder who the clever dick was who thought this one up? Apparently if these remain open until 7 in the morning drunk clubbers who would still want to continue dancing and drinking will […]

More about drinking …

This is the rage here in Paris this Christmas and New Year – champagne with gold flakes. I have some … and therefore I am offering you this bottle for your festivities.

Infanticide … and French mothers …what no one ever speaks of …

Infanticide … and French mothers … what no one ever speaks ofBy Marilyn Z. Tomlins It was a cool morning in 1844: Friday, April 5.A woman, one Marie Poirier, of the village of Bonneuil-Matours, some 250 miles southeast of Paris and on the River Vienne, was walking across an adjoining wood when she came across […]

Here’s drinking to you kid …

Sommelier David Ridgway That was Casablanca … the lithping Humphrey Bogart said it to Ingrid Bergman. But this is Paris. And here on December 4,5 and 6 (Friday-Sunday) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the legendary restaurant, La Tour d’Argentt, is auctioning 18,000 bottles of wine from its cave of 450,000 bottles. You would not […]

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