Archive: March, 2010

The village curé …

Photo: The church in Marcilly-le-Hayer (copyright Marcilly-le-Hayer is a charming village in the Aube region of France. The Aube, as the Michelin Guide will tell you is in north-central France. It is 98 miles or 157 kms south-east of Paris which will take you about 1h45 to reach by car. The village, where about […]

La Rafle … shame … regret …?

Photos: The Yellow Star of David with the word Juif – Jew – There is a wonderful French movie showing here in France. The title is La Rafle which translates as either The Round-up or The Raid. La Rafle which was released in 600 movie theatres in France last Wednesday (March 10) recounts the terrible […]

When the Virgin Weeps …

An icon of the Virgin and Child has started to weep. The icon, in the home of a Greek Orthodox family, began crying tears of oil three weeks ago. The family named Altindagoglu live in the commune of Garge-Les-Gonesse which is 8 miles (14 kms) north of Paris. A young member of the family told […]

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