Archive: May, 2010

Finders Keepers … Losers Weepers …

Have you ever wished you could come upon a buried or hidden treasure? This is what happened to a man in the Bordeaux suburb of Mérignac, 361 miles (581 kms) southwest from Paris. The man (he has not been named), a gardener by profession, was digging in the garden of a house he had just […]

Tony Musulin … $16.7 million … & only 3 years

Tough French cops… (Photo MZT) Seeing you are here and seeing I am terribly busy doing research for my next book, you could read how one can steal $16.7 million and get only a 3-year sentence. The guy who pulled this off is named Tony Musulin. You can read it here

Manuela Cano … serial killer … or just one dangerous dame …?

I wrote about Manuela Cano down below (Sunday, April 25, 2010 : Is the lady a serial killer …?) but this is a story that needs expanding. It now looks as if Manuela Cano did indeed have a hand in the death of Daniel Cano, her second husband, and not only in his death but […]

Today 189 years ago Napoléon died …

(Photo copyright: Marilyn Z. Tomlins) It was a Saturday, May 5, 1821. The place was the island of Saint Helena, 1180 miles (1900 kms) from the African coast and 3000 miles (3000 kms) from that of Brazil. Napoléon had arrived there on Tuesday, October 17, 1815 to start his exile; he was 46. Little over […]

When a man loves a woman …

(Photo: Wild boar but not Juliette) Ah-ha Her name is Juliette. His name is Jean-Claude. He’s a human; she’s not. She’s a wild boar sow. And believe me this is a real human drama. Twenty months ago, Jean-Claude, a hunter, was out hunting in a forest close to the town of Crest in the Rhône-Alpes […]

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