Archive: July, 2010

Carla Bruni … Woody Allen … and …

Photo: Carla Bruni and Owen Wilson Do we laugh or do we cry, or, like Rhett Butler, do we not care a damn? Carla Bruni – wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy and therefore France’s ‘first lady’ can currently be seen in the Paris streets being filmed by Woody Allen for his new movie, Midnight in […]

Infanticide … yet another case in France …

So far this summer there has been nothing but balls (the kind one kicks or hits), bicycles and barbecues on the front pages of our newspapers and on prime time television. Yesterday this changed, and this morning – Thursday, July 29 – two people, Dominique Cottrez (45) and her husband Pierre-Marie (47) have the front […]

Villa La Leopolda … Lily Safran … Mikhail Prokhorov … the saga continues …

In 2008 (see my blog entries for Wednesday, August 13, 2008 and Sunday August 17, 2008), the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov bought the sumptuous French Riviera villa, La Leopolda, from billionairess Lily Safra for €500 million ($645 million / £418 million ). According to Forbes, Mikhail Prokhorov, today 44, is worth $8 billion, money he […]

Tour de France … has bicycles but no cake …

It’s Tour de France time of the year. If you live in France there is no way of escaping it; it’s on TV every afternoon and TV news every lunch time and evening at 8. It’s on the front pages of our newspapers. And on Sunday it will be right in our faces because on […]

Can one drink the water in Paris … ?

This is a question I am asked every time I have someone staying with me from abroad. (Abroad like US or UK …) My answer is always, ‘of course, you can drink the water’. Right now Paris is suffering (suffering? I think so!) a heat wave and the concierges from Paris’ hotels must answer the […]

2015 … a year of revelations … and shame … and regret … maybe …?

Collaboration. Collaborators. Collabos. I am sure that wherever there’s been a war or a conflict there were those who had collaborated with the enemy. For example, in South Africa, when the white government collapsed, those whites who had participated in apartheid through atrocious deeds, did a public mea culpa in a court of law and […]

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