Archive: September, 2010

Chicken … hookers … policemen … what can they have in common …?

The French are going crazy over chickens

Serial rapist on the loose in Paris …

Remember the Boston Strangler or the Yorkshire Ripper

No one can afford to live in Paris anymore … et moi donc …?

I am always asked whether it is expensive living in Paris.

Too fat to be cremated …

All her life Marie-Pierre Pelabarrère

Mick Jagger … Jerry Hall … Carla Bruni … what books are made of …!

Jerry Hall has a coffee-table-type book of her life out on October 15. It is published by Quadrille and will cost you the price of a Dior, Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent lipstick – £25. (If you opt for the lipstick, who will blame you?)

Teaser or spoiler … ?

I have always wondered …

Thirsty … or desperate … or both …?

Canned beer has become part of life.

Now, so will glassed wine.

Linguistic Apartheid … but fries with the mussels all the same …

What’s in a language? In South Africa where I was born and grew up, there are 11 official languages. In my day there had been two only – Afrikaans and English. We grew up speaking both which is convenient because one doubles one’s stock of swear words. I’m not going to speak of what happened […]

Who wants to get married anyway …

You’re a guy and you fancy a guy.

You’re a girl and you fancy a girl.

You’re straight and you fancy someone from the opposite sex?

Bullets don’t kill people … they go right through them …

Not often does one hear the police express concern over what happens when they open fire.

Strange as it may sound, this is happening in France.

Villa La Leopoldo … Lily Safran … Mikhail Prokhorov … the saga continues …

In 2008 (see my blog entries for Wednesday, August 13, 2008 and Sunday August 17, 2008), the Russian billionaire Mikhael Prokhorov bought the sumptuous French Riviera villa, La Leopolda, from billionairess Lily Safra for €500 million ($645 million / £418 million ). According to Forbes, Mikhail Prokhorov, today 44, is worth $8 billion, money he […]

The world’s first portable mosque …

Tell this to the American pastor who wants to burn a copy of the Koran tomorrow – September 11: A Paris imam has invented a mosque that Muslim’s can now carry with them everywhere. Yes, it is the world’s first portable mosque. Imam Hassen Bounamcha , the portable mosque’s inventor, is based at the Aubervilliers […]

Great Love Machine … fathers 55 children …

Should he be castrated or congratulated? This incredible story is as follows: Last December (2009) the French national health authorities became suspicious when an immigrant from the African country of Senegal became a father yet again. As their records showed, for the past few years he has been very active in the love department having […]

Die in Paris … has been published …

DIE IN PARIS has been published. You can order it on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. If you would like to read my book but you really do not have the money to order it, then email me and I will send you a copy the day the publisher sends me the copies he had […]

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