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Blowing my own trumpet …

My book Die in Paris has received ‘an honorable mention’

Will the Paris shops and museums be open on New Year’s Day … ?

No. No. No. Neither the shops nor the museums will be open on Saturday, January 1 – New Year’s Day.

Updating my news …

I have just updated my ‘My latest news’ Page.

Ukrainian oligarch throws million-dollar birthday party in Courchevel …!

Victor Pinchuk is the name. Forbes ranks him and his $3.1 billion as 307th on the list of the world’s richest people

The King has no clothes … but he has a head again …

We all know about how French King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie-Antoinette, had lost their heads

Is the Paris Metro (underground rail system) safe … ?

Is the Metro safe, you may want to know?

Paris: Museums & Chateaux …what will be open over Christmas … ?

I’ve already written about what stores will be open in Paris over the Christmas weekend. Seeing none will be on Christmas Day and very few on Sunday, 26 (Boxing Day), you will have to find something other to do here in Paris than shop. So which museums and châteaux will you be able to visit […]

Make war not love …

Statistics show that in the year 2040

Louvre Museum asks you to help it buy The Three Graces …

In an unprecedented move, the Louvre Museum

Property in Paris … Dreaming of buying an apartment in Paris …?

Properties in Paris have never been cheap. But now prices – no pun – have gone through the roof.

Picasso … Picasso … Generous Picasso … but where was I … ?

On November 29 I wrote about Pierre le Guennec, the retired electrician, who is the owner of 271 Picasso artworks.

Robbing the church … but not to give to the poor …

We’ve heard of small statues of Jesus or Mary disappearing from a church

Praise … a compliment … so very rare in our world …

I received the following about my book Die in Paris:

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