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2,233,818 Parisians … and more to come still …

On a winter morning, the Paris sky grey and the temperature 4 degrees Centigrade below freezing, we are told that there are over two and a quarter million people living in this city. The exact number is 2,233,818. This is for Paris itself and it is according to statistics released by the Institut National de […]

The King’s Speech … Remembering Louis 16th …

Anyone who has been in France on a July 14,  France’s National Day, will know that this is a day the French go a little mad; they dance in the streets, have firework displays and they march their armed forces and deadly weapons down Ave des Champs-Elysées. All, to commemorate the day they had stormed […]

Marie Curie’s laboratory in Paris suburb … Is it a Chernobyl …?

Since the 1980s there has been concern over the radioactivity of a certain building just south of Paris. In the first years of the 1930s the building was the laboratory of Marie Curie, physicist and chemist, and discoverer of radium. The building is in the commune (suburb) of Arcueil, 5.3 kilometers (3.3 miles) from Paris. […]

French/Russian Twin Towers in Paris …

Tall buildings – skyscrapers – are fairly new to Paris. Few Parisians like those which are here. For example, there was uproar in 1969 at the commencement of the construction of the 210- meter (689 ft) Montparnasse Tower. Then, in the 1980s there was again opposition when tall office buildings began to go up in […]

European Union blunder leaves Christians out in the cold …

The European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, currently presided over by José Manuel Barroso, has some explaining, perhaps apologizing, to do to the Christians of the Union’s 27 member states. In its 2011 agenda which has been sent out to 3 million school children, 316,000 of them in France, not one of […]

Sex and the 41-year-old prison head and the 21-year-old female inmate …

His name is Florent Goncalves. He is head of Versailles Prison for Women. Here in France protocol demands that he be addressed as ‘Monsieur le directeur’ – Mr Director. (Titles are important in France; for example, a former president must be addressed as ‘Monsieur le President’ for the rest of his life.) Her name is […]

Facebook … making it possible to humiliate …

He is 15 years old. He is autistic.

My latest true crime article …

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A reader who likes my book …

She’s made my day:

You’re lonesome …? Rent a girl … Prostitution … ? Of course not …!

You pay a female for her company and it’s not prostitution.


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