Archive: March, 2011

In Paris … summer time …

  This weekend – March 26/27 – Paris like the rest of Europe and the U.K. – will be going over to summer time. Soon, it will still be light at 10.30 at night. So happy days are here again? Sure they are! And here are three photos to show you Paris in the spring […]

Guided tours of Paris … See Paris through the eyes of someone who really loves her…

  Loves her? Am I now talking about Paris – the city? Sure I am. Because, Paris, you see, is a woman. So, by the way, is France: France la douce, and France la belle. But it’s about Paris I wish to speak now. Or rather I want to introduce you to a Parisian named […]

Life in la merde …

Oops! You will mind my French, won’t you? However, should you live here, or should you have visited Paris, you will, after having read this, understand the heading. I will start by asking you: Do you think Paris is a dirty place? I’m not referring now to Pigalle’s sex shops and clubs, but to rubbish […]

Michael Jackson … This is It… He was chemically castrated … !

  Prof. Alain Branchereau of the University Hospital of La Timone in the French Mediterranean port city of Marseille is dead serious. Michael Jackson had been chemically castrated at the age of twelve. This is the theory that the professor, an expert in vascular surgery and a fan of opera, claims in his book, Michael […]

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