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Rue Le Sueur … The Paris Street with the Darkest Past …

A stone’s throw from Avenue des Champs-Elysées and just around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe runs Rue Le Sueur. It is not a very long street and it is quite narrow. Unless one lives on the street there is perhaps no reason to walk along it. But – it is the Paris street […]

Splendor and Sadness … the graves of Russia’s rejected … Nureyev … Prince Yusupov … Mathilda Kschessinskaya …

Destiny is a funny thing. For example, when Tsar Nicholas II of Russia wooed an Imperial Ballet dancer – Mathilda Kschessinskaya – in Saint Petersburg, did she think that one day she would lie buried in a simple grave in a cemetery outside Paris? And did the dashing Prince Félix Yusupov, the wealthiest man in […]

Paris’s Fire Fighters … Hulks with Hoses …

Each year at the military parade on Paris’s Avenue des Champs-Elysées in celebration of the French Revolution (Bastille Day: July 14) the biggest cheer is always for the fire fighters. This year the cheer will be even louder, because it is 200 years this September that Napoléon formed the fire brigade – les sapeurs-pompiers de […]

Cancer in France …

It is a dismal set of cancer statistics France’s Institut de Veille Sanitaire (InVS) – Sanitary Surveillance Institute – has released. There are more and more cases of cancer here in France each year- and the death rate’s increasing too. (The institute falls under the Ministry of Health.) Judging by the current rate of cancer […]

July 14 … French National Day … Storming of the Bastille … And Vive la France …

For about a month already now firemen (sapeurs-pompiers) have been selling €2 tombola tickets. To see a dashing fireman in his navy-blue uniform stopping passersby and offering them a ticket explaining that they can win a car or a cruise has been an annual occurrence now for some years. This year I bought several tickets […]

Old is beautiful … And Paris’s Rue de Montmorency and Rue Volta fight over which is oldest …

When I first came to live in Paris I was taken to Rue Volta – it was red-light district then but don’t worry that was not why I was taken there. I was taken to Rue Volta’s No. 3. “It’s the oldest house in Paris,” I was told. It was. Then. It was however dethroned […]

Pere Lachaise Cemetery … where a rose is a rose is a rose … and je ne regrette rien …

A cemetery is not usually a place of tourism, now is it? Paris’s cemeteries however are: they are a must for thousands of the 80+ million tourists who come to France each year. I recommend that you should include a visit to Père Lachaise cemetery should you live here in Paris and have not yet […]

Was Princess Diana murdered … ?

There is an explosion of articles about Princess Diana again right now : today, July 1, 2011, she would have turned 50. I wrote about her death – all about it:  the facts, the doubts, the rumours. You can read it here Tweet #MarilynZTomlins


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