Archive: August, 2011

A Diamond as big as the Ritz … and two women died: Princess Diana and Anni Dewani …

This day was the last of Princess Diana on this earth of ours. She died in the first minutes of August 31,1997 – 14 years ago this night. With her died her new lover, Dodi Al Fayed. Anni Dewani died last November, (2010) slain by (allegedly slain by) three men (black) on a road in […]

Haunted Versailles … The day Marie-Antoinette’s ghost returned to Versailles …

One sultry August day Queen Marie-Antoinette was sitting on a low seat on a patch of lawn in the garden bordering the northern façade of the (le) Petit Trianon, the chateau on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles which her husband, Louis 16th, had given her. She was casually clothed in a light-colored dress […]

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