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Oscar Wilde Tomb … Pere Lachaise in Paris … Did Nazis grab his manhood … ?

Today, 111 years ago – to be exact on 30 November 1900 – Oscar Wilde died in Paris. He died penniless. He was just 46 years old. For the last three years of his life, the married Wilde and father of two children, had moved from one rundown hotel to another in ‘self-exile’ following his […]

When being fat is going to cost you money …

You may wish to read my latest spoof article. You can read it by clicking  here or on the right of this page. And remember it is for laughs.    

Paris … mad about Paris … Got pix? … Can win prize … !

Who does not love Paris? I know a few morons who do not, but now, that is another story. In any case, you live here, or you’ve lived here or been here on vacation.  And you took some splendid photographs. Now is the time to enter those photos in the Photo Friday Competition. Anyone can […]

Berlusconi asks Pope for Asylum … Spoof story

You may wish to read my spoof story about Berlusconi asking the Pope for Asylum and how the Pope had misunderstood. You can read it here or you can click on the column on the right. And remember it is just for laughs. And while you’re laughing you may like to give me a thumbs […]

Streetwalker … Prostitute … Call Girl … Escort Girl … and France …

Sex and business do not mix. Now who said this? Whoever it was did not know what he or she was talking about. Here in France, the two go hand in hand. (I presume that so it does everywhere.) What I am talking about now is how French businesses (and government offices) are supplying their […]

Christmas in Paris … And Christmas Markets … Moveable Feasts …

  The most beautiful city in the world – Paree – is even more beautiful at Christmas. And it’s still 1 month and 4 days from the big day, but there is already a feeling of cheer here. I think we are all pretending that there is no economic crisis in the world … and […]

Paris … Paree … Shop till you drop … And broke forever after …

Well, what do you know: London has surpassed Paris as the shoppers’ mecca. Your money will even go further should you shop in Madrid or Barcelona. This is the discovery made by the EIU – European Economist Intelligence – operated by The Economist with its headquarters in London and offices in New York and Hong […]

Dalí … in Paris … in Montmartre

You are planning a trip to Paris? You will take the Metro (underground rail) to Montmartre (the hill of the martyrs) and to its Sacre Coeur Basilica and its Place du Tertre. It’s kind of a must when in Paris. But do you know that just around from the square there is a small museum […]

She fed arsenic to 13 … 2 husbands, her parents, parents-in-law …

  This French woman fed arsenic to 13 people. They included her 2 husbands, her parents, her parents-in-law, other close relatives, friends and neighbors. Here is my intro and you can read the full article on Marie Besnard: The Undertaker’s Best Friend In France, in the 17th Century, alchemists became wealthy grinding arsenic rock […]

DSK … Alone & Depressed … and Talk of Divorce …

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the name and he was close to having been named the candidate in France’s 2012 presidential election for the political party he supports (Socialist – yes you’ve read that correctly: This millionaire is a Socialist and I just heard Marx turn in his grave!) DSK, as he has been affectionately called, makes […]

663,000 women get beaten by their men each year in France

In two weeks – on Friday November 25 – it will be the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. A French publisher – Michalon – has just published a book here in Paris as its contribution to this day. The book – Il y avait un monster en moi – is written […]

Paris’s Catacombes … 6 million skeletons …

It seems incredible.  The skeletons of 6 million people in one place! The first question that comes to mind is: Did they die in a pandemic? I am now referring to Paris’s Catacombes where I spent a fascinating 3 hours a couple of Sundays ago.  Should you live in Paris and you’ve never been there, […]

DSK … becomes David Sex King …

I think I’ve now heard it all! The Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal is to be turned into a movie. That is – a porn movie. There is however a hitch: the company which plans to make the movie doesn’t have any money. It is now appealing for investors. The company is My Porn Production (what else?) […]

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