Archive: December, 2011

Wizards and Witches … Demons and the Devil … Extraordinary Exhibition in Paris …

  Warning: The devout, disregarding of which religious doctrine you follow, may find this article disturbing. You probably have a sprig of holly in your home this Holiday Season. But do you know that holly has nothing to do with stealing a kiss from the guy/girl you fancy but have not had the courage to […]

Germany Invades France …

You can read my new spoof article here or you can do so by clicking on thespoof’s column to the right.

Nungesser & Coli … Did they make it non-stop across the Atlantic before Lindbergh … ?

The French are eager to know, finally, whether their aviation heroes – Nungesser and Coli – had flown non-stop across the Atlantic before Lindbergh. Soon, now, they may know. Charles Eugène Jules Marie Nungesser and Francois Coli left Paris’s Le Bourget Airport on May 8, 1927, to fly across the Atlantic non-stop.  The two aviators […]

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