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Paris …where to live … least/most inhabitants …

I am often asked how many people live in Paris. In a nutshell the answer is: within the city itself (intra muros) live 2,257,981 million people, whereas approx 13 million people live in greater or extra muros Paris. Intra muros Paris of 105.4 sq km ( 10,539 hectares) is divided into 20 arrondissements – districts […]

Kidnapper benefits financially from writing book …

There is a law in all civilized countries that a convicted criminal can not benefit financially from his crime. This is a law which does not exist in France. Therefore, yesterday (Thursday, January 19, 2012) the French publishing company Le Cherche Midi published the memoir of a man not only convicted for kidnapping but also […]

Joan of Arc … Jeanne d’Arc … Was she a he … ?

Today, Friday, January 6, France commemorates the birth of Joan of Arc – Jeanne d’Arc – born 600 years ago, in 1412. It is said that the reason the French and the English nations do not like one another is because of Joan of Arc. And Napoleon thrown in too to make matters worse. Oddly, […]

Avenue des Champs-Élysées … world’s most beautiful … but not liked …

A Paris-based communications agency – Agence Présence – has undertaken a survey of the world’s major avenues, and found that Avenue des Champs-Élysées with the reputation as the most beautiful avenue in the world, is not the one tourists like most. The agency sent ‘customers’ to the shops and restaurants of 30 avenues and the […]

Paris’s Museums … Never as popular as in 2011 …

    In 2011 Paris was again the city with the highest number of visitors. 15 million came here. And now I can say with certainty: the world loves Paris. The visitors also loved Paris’s museums, so that these also had a bumper year. Here are the official statistics: Louvre – 8.8 million visitors which […]

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