Archive: February, 2012

Where have all the French mademoiselles gone … ?

When I first came to France I was addressed as Mademoiselle. I was oh so happy about this. It meant, to me, that although I was a married woman and therefore a Madame that I still looked like an unmarried girl – a Mademoiselle. Alas, from now on a woman, no matter her age (or […]

Dead doggie with the diamond collar … (Update… )

The following story made me smile. I hope in this dark time we are living in presently – thousands being killed in Syria for example – this will bring a smile to your face too. In 1899 a cemetery opened north-west of Paris in the commune named Asnières-sur-Seine. Nothing extraordinary about a new burial place […]

Mona Lisa … Prado Museum’s original copy to be shown in Louvre Museum

Mona Lisa … It is a name which never fails to attract attention; to hit the headlines. It has done so again right now. Madrid’s Prado Museum has announced that it has had a copy of Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa in its vaults for some years, and has now discovered after a restoration which […]

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