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Tour de France 2012 … interesting facts …

Saturday, June 30, the annual bicycle ‘fest’ starts here in France. I am of course speaking of the Tour de France. This 99th edition will end on Sunday July 22 on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Each year the organizers aim to make it as much a ‘fest’ for Europe as for France, so some years the […]

Paris … thief warning … don’t wear your jewelry …

The high price of gold has produced a new kind of thief. He is male, a teenager, and violent. And he is after your gold jewelry. I am often asked whether the Paris Metro (underground) is safe. Until about two years ago I always said ‘of course’, then, I began advising women who will be […]

Stealing the Mona Lisa … from the Louvre …

    I am sure you would love to be taken back in time to Paris in 1911 – to the day a thief stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum. You can read about it here  

Princess Diana’s death … praise

    The article I wrote for about the death of Princess Diana has received praise. It is the best article about the princess’s death ever written says the reviewer. If you would like to read it click on my name in the writers’ list on the crime magazine site.  

Wine made in Paris …

Once Paris and its region – Īle-de-France – was France’s biggest producer of wine. Paris had what it takes to produce excellent wine: the right weather conditions; fertile soil; clergyman with a love of the stuff, and last but by no means least, Paris was where the monarch was and France’s monarch had a taste […]

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