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Princess Diana … her July of sun, sea and love … 15 years ago …

It is hard to believe that it was 15 years ago that Princess Diana died in what is believed to have been a car accident in a Paris tunnel. She died with her lover Dodi Al Fayed, son of Mohamed Al Fayed, one of Britain’s richest men, in the first minutes of Sunday, August 31 […]

Nungesser and Coli … l’Oiseau Blanc search fails …

Last year I wrote here about the scheduled June 2012 search for the wreckage of the Levasseur PL.8 biplane – the Oiseau Blanc or White Bird – in which the two French aviators Nungesser and Coli might have flown non-stop across the Atlantic in 1927 thus having done so before Charles Lindbergh. But of course […]

Vel d’Hiv … the Cycle Racing Track of Winter … 70 years ago today … July 16/17 …

Seventy years ago this coming night (July 16/17) French police and gendarmes rounded up more than 13,000 Jews in Paris for deportation to the Nazis’ concentration camps in Poland. I wrote about it here two years ago. To sum up: on that night, now known as La Rafle du Vél d’Hiv, 3,031 men, 5,802 women […]

Hitchcock lives again … Bird terrorizes French village …

You may have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 movie The Birds. If not, it’s about birds suddenly and inexplicably attacking the residents of California’s Bodega Bay. This is what is happening right now here in France in a tiny village of only 466 residents close to the Swiss border. (The Swiss town of Basle is 29 […]

July 14 … Bastille Day … All about chopping off heads … and democracy …

There is a festive air in Paris. Oh, it is raining, yes, but despite that we here in Paris (or some of us) will be celebrating over the next 48 hours. The reason: A few hours away is France’s fête nationale – national day. That is what the French call this day of July 14. […]

Francois Hollande … French rich leaving for Switzerland …

Switzerland has always meant much more to the wealthy of France than small squares of chocolate wrapped in pretty paper. Switzerland was where they banked, illegal as it was, and where they went to live to escape France’s high taxes and, as they said, the personal insecurity of living in this country. Therefore France’s movie […]

Princess Diana … would have been 51 today …

Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961. She would have been 51 today. Was she murdered? If so by who? You will find my article about her death interesting.   Tweet #MarilynZTomlins


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