Archive: September, 2012

Most popular names in France … Marilyn …? Non … !

Once, in France, the law was such that one could name a child only after a saint. Now, that this law is no longer applicable couples tend to give their offspring trendy names. Among these is Lily-Rose : yes, after the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. There are also now a fair share […]

Spoof … Kate …Duchess of Cambridge … and … French magazine …

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Chevaline …the forgotten victim … Sylvain Mollier … Xavier Baligant killing … so similar …

Speak of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And speak of being overlooked by the media. Sylvain Mollier is the name of the cyclist who was also shot down on Wednesday in the Chevaline massacre. The 45-year-old local man, father of 3 and cycling enthusiast, had gone out on his normal bike […]

150 inhabitants … 300 cows … and now British murder victims … in a place named Chevaline…

Chevaline – that is what the French call the meat of the horse. Yes, here in France we eat horses. All of 30, 000 tonnes of it annually, which means 20,000 slaughtered horses. But Chevaline , 600 kms (372 miles) from Paris and just 60 kms (65 miles) from Geneva, Switzerland, is currently in the […]

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