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All Saints’ Day … Toussaint …in France … cemeteries … November 1 …

The French are inclined to hide a toilet. In a bistro or restaurant you will have to ascend or descend some steep and narrow steps to reach it. (I’ve always wondered how one is supposed to manage it after a glass or two too many, or if your knees aren’t working as well as they […]

Nungesser and Coli … plane found at last … or not … ?

  Since 1927 – to be precise since Monday, May 9 of that year – the French have been hoping that two French aviators would be acknowledged as heroes. The two – Charles Nungesser and François Coli – might have flown non-stop across the Atlantic before Charles Lindbergh. It is the word might which is […]

Chevaline … Al-Hilli … Sylvain Mollier … murders …

  Update: Tuesday, October 30, 2012: The following is exclusive: The body of Saad Al-Hilli, 50, was embalmed and so was the body of his wife Iqbal, 47, and that of Mr. Al-Hilli’s septuagenarian mother-in-law, Suhaila Al-Allaf. The body of Frenchman Sylvain Mollier, 45, the fourth victim of the still unknown assassin of Wednesday, September […]

Van Gogh … Dreaming of Japan … in Paris … at the Pinacotheque …

Take note of this address: 8, rue de Vignon. It is in the 9th arrondissement (district) . It is the address of the extension of the private Pinacothèque museum and is officially known as Pinacothèque 2. The street runs from the right side of the Madeleine Church (L’église de la Madeleine) on Place de la […]

The French do not wash … So discovers pollster BVA …

                              As recently as the 1960s a large number of apartments in Paris did not have a bathroom or toilet. They had a washbasin in the kitchen for washing themselves down and the toilet was a communal one on the landing. […]

Foie gras … ban it … or love it … ?

It will be Christmas in 70 days if you add today. Some believe that one should already now start planning for it. In France planning for Christmas means to think food. And to think food means to think foie gras. Here, Christmas without foie gras is like a balloon without air in it: it’s flat […]

Wall-Ye … Wallie … helps make wine … but has never had a drink in his life …

    The grape harvesting is about to come to an end here in France. So, would you like the bad news first? The cold and rainy weather we’ve had for most of this year of 2012 means that the harvest is small, which in turn means that there will be fewer bottles of wine. […]

Paris Property Prices … 2012 … Most Expensive … Least Expensive … but never cheap…

“In what arrondissement do you live ?” “The 6th.” Nothing further needs to be said: It is an answer which speaks for itself because the 6th arrondissement has for a few years now been the Paris district where real estate is most expensive which makes this district the most chic part of Paris to live in. […]

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