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12.21.2012 … End of World … Bugarach says do not come here …

Today’s date is 11.26.2012. Not including today, our world has just another 25 days of existence. As esoterics, quoting the Mayan Calendar, believe, on December 21, towards 11 in the morning, our World will cease to exist. However, one could survive this Apocalypse but only if one will be in the village of Bugarach which […]


Paris is all about Dali this Christmas. If you love his creations then you must put Paris’s Centre Pompidou – also called Beaubourg by the Parisians – on your agenda. On Wednesday, November 21, over 120 of Dali’s paintings plus scores of his drawings, sketches and sculptures went on exhibit at the center. This is […]

Paris’s Christmas Markets … 2012/2013

What one usually hears on Avenue des Champs-Élysées is the roar of traffic. Not so now and until the night of Sunday, January 6, 2013. What you will hear will be Christmas carols … Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright … Silent night, holy night Shepherds quake at the sight … […]

Niet … no Russian cathedral in central Paris …

  French-Russian relations have often been taut. So it is again today. Yet, today, it has nothing to do with Soviet nuclear missiles aimed at Paris, but it is all about a church. Not just any little inconspicuous church but a vast structure of five golden onion domes which will stretch some 27 meters (90 […]

Christmas 2012 … What to see and do in Paris …

This Christmas no one would be able to say that Paris is a boring place.   For some years now each new season – fall/winter and spring/summer – has been rich with art and culture. Overflowing is a more fitting word. Therefore, a tourist with only a few days here in Paris would have to choose […]

Chevaline … Saad Al-Hilli … Sylvain Mollier murders … still not solved …

If you want to read what I have already written about this gruesome and cruel slaying of a family on vacation and of a Frenchman you can do so here and here and here. Comments have closed on all three of those links, so if you wish to join our very interesting debate you can […]

Mikhail Prokhorov … 39 M€ down … Villa La Leopolda … Lili Safra wins case …

Russian zillionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is €39 million ($50 million / £32 million ) down today from yesterday. Small change perhaps for a man who Forbes listed in March this year (2012) as the world’s 58th richest person with a net worth of $13.2 billion (€10.4 billion / £8.3 billion), but all the same. In 2008, […]

30 billion cigarette butts … on France’s sidewalks … each year … now butt bins …

  It seems incredible, but each year smokers here in France throw 30 billion butts on to this country’s sidewalks, parks and beaches. If one sets them out they will form a string that will go around our Mother Earth 22 times. As for Paris, here, half a million butts are thrown down on our […]

Napoléon to go under hammer … hmm … a letter of his…

  On Sunday, December 2, a letter written by Napoléon will be auctioned. In the letter, dated October 20, 1812, written in code and signed Nap, the emperor informs his external relations minister, Hugues-Bernard Maret, Duke of Bassano (1763-1839) of his decision to blow up the Kremlin. News of the auction, the letter and the […]


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