Archive: December, 2012

They eat horses don’t they … the French …

  The French eat – even love – the meat of the horse called chevaline. However, this Christmas (2012) the Brigitte Bardot Foundation is launching a campaign to stop people killing horses in order to eat them. The French eat all of 30,000 tonnes of horse-meat every year. This means that 20,000 foals  are slaughtered annually to end up on someone’s plate. The […]

Extract … my novel ‘For the Love of a Poet’ …

  I am posting the beginning – some 30 pages – of a novel I’ve written and for which I am seeking publication. The title is FOR THE LOVE OF A POET. It is a love story, and it is based on the passionate adulterous affair of Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Boris Pasternak and […]

Chevaline shootings … Saad Al-Hilli … Sylvain Mollier … Brett Martin … Philippe D… and Xavier Baligant …

  On September 5, three months ago today, four people were brutally shot down near the French town of Chevaline, 600 kms (372 miles) from Paris and just 60 kms (40 miles) from the Swiss city of Geneva. I’ve written about it here and here and here. Comments on those four threads have closed, so […]

My new spoof … Kate’s baby …

  You can read my new spoof  which is about Kate’s baby. It is here or to the right under The Spoof.    

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