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RASPUTIN … 100 YEARS DEAD … on 30 DECEMBER 1916 he was assassinated …

Today – December 30 – in the year 1916 in Saint Petersburg, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, known as ‘The Mad Monk’ was assassinated. (It was December 17 in Russia which was still using the Old Style – Julien – calendar, which was two weeks behind the new – Gregorian – calendar used in the West.) The […]

Putin une menace ? … Putin un autre Stalin ? …

Êtes-vous d’accord ou en désaccord avec l’évaluation de certaines personnes (Obama etc) concernant Vladimir Putin : il est un dictateur, une menace pour la paix et rien que un nouveau Stalin ? Oui ou non, lisez ce roman Pour L’Amour d’un Poète. Vous pouvez l’acheter sur le site  

Putin to be feared? Putin the bad man? … What to say about Stalin …?

Do you agree that Vladimir Putin is a very bad man? Do read the novel ‘FOR THE LOVE OF A POET’ set in Stalin’s Russia and which tells of how the Soviet Union’s artists and intellectuals were persecuted under Josef Stalin. The book in Kindle and Paperback is available on all AMAZON sites.  

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