Archive: May, 2017

Guillotining … the procedure …

  Is there anything more French than the guillotine, you may well ask? As a true crime writer resident in France, I’ve written about this head-chopping apparatus which was first put to work in 1792 and last put to work in 1981, four years after capital punishment had been abolished by a parliamentary vote (1977). […]

Jacques Truphémus … French Painter … Exhibition Caillebotte Property, Yerres …

  You need not hang your head in shame because you have never heard of this artist: Jacques Truphémus. I have not, not until I went to, or rather returned to the Caillebotte Property in the town of Yerres, 23 kms (14 miles) south-east of Paris.  The Caillebotte Property, once the family home of the […]

Jardin des Plantes … When a zoo is a menagerie …

I love zoos. Therefore, I often go walk around in Paris’s two zoos –  Vincennes Zoo and the Jardin des Plantes Zoo. I even have an annual pass for the Vincennes one. You can read what I wrote about the Vincennes Zoo here  The Jardin des Plantes Zoo is different. It is smaller. Very much […]

The French … Most polite people in the world …

The next time you walk in a park in Paris – the Tuileries, Luxembourg, Montsouris, Jardin des Plantes  whichever – you will come to realise how polite the French are. They would not want you to walk on the lawn, or pick the flowers, for example, but they will tell you so in a most […]

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