Archive: June, 2017

Princess Diana’s death … 20 years ago … The two A’s: Accident or Assassination? …

  This year – Thursday, August 31, 2017 – it will be remembered worldwide that on that day in 1997, twenty years into the past, a Mercedes S280, bearing the number plate 688 LTV 75, smashed into one of the pillars supporting the overpass of a Paris tunnel, the Pont Alma underpass. Nothing unusual about […]

Peace in Paris … Sunday, June 4, 2017 … absolute hell in London …

All hell has broken out in London, yet, Paris this morning of Sunday, June 4, 2017,  is a haven of peace. Probably the way Jesus of Nazareth envisaged a Christian day of rest should be. I walked around Paris’s beautiful Montsouris Park this morning. Lots of couples out in the park with their small children.  […]

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