Archive: October, 2017

Some Paris bistros and bars start charging by the hour …

When I came to live in Paris, I was astounded at how long people remained sitting in bistros and bars and cafés and restaurants after they’d drunk or eaten. I was then told that it was quite acceptable to sit ‘all day’ over, say a coffee or a glass of wine.  Students, I was told, […]


  I have often taken photos of the flickering Eiffel Tower.  In fact, I have some very nice and publishable photos of the flickering Eiffel Tower! However, they will be for my eyes only. How come? It is forbidden to publish photographs of the Eiffel Tower taken when its lights were flickering. Is this some […]

What’s in a name … ?

  One thing we all have in common: not one of us has chosen our name. Names are chosen for us before we have even been born. Unless of course for one reason or another we call ourselves by another name later in life: we are on the run from justice for example, or we […]

The Monte-Cristo Château …Here Alexandre Dumas Père wrote …

I’ve always believed – or at least from the time I’ve started writing books – that environment is important for the words to flow. Having just visited the château where Alexandre Dumas (the elder of two Dumas writers) lived and wrote the books for which he is today known as one of France’s greatest writers, […]

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