Archive: October, 2018

Vincent van Gogh … A magnificent discovery…

On September 17, 2017 (last year) I wrote here on this website how Englishman Adrian Spong has in his possession two artworks he believes are by Vincent van Gogh. Having studied Mr Spong’s research, I believe he has. You can read what I wrote here – In fact, I recommend that you do read […]

Attention: Film and documentary producers : WW2 French serial killer … proposal for one-off dramatized documentary …

  A proposal for a one-off dramatized television documentary based on the true-crime book ‘Die in Paris’ by Marilyn Z. Tomlins, published in the U.K. by Ravencrest Books Ltd.   The Subject: Dr Marcel Petiot, WW2 French serial killer. Dr Marcel Petiot was one of the 20th Century’s most notorious – and prolific –  murderers. […]

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