Archive: March, 2021

COVID-19 … and France …

Every day at 5 p.m. the French Ministry of Health issues the newest statistics for how this terrible virus is attacking France. At this moment – 09.30 Sunday 14/03/2021 these statistics are: TOTAL CASES : 4,045,319 DEATHS : 90,315 PATIENTS IN INTENSIVE CARE : 4,070 DAILY NEW CASES : WAS 29,759 ON SATURDAY, 13/03/2021 DAILY […]


The Parisians love them, and so do tourists. I am talking about the Paris street market. Strolling round Paris on a Sunday won’t be such a delight as it is without a street market. Of course, for those living in Paris they are also – perhaps mainly – a shopping area where one can buy […]

Vincent van Gogh … Does an Englishman have an unknown Van Gogh …?

To come across a painting one day quite unexpectedly and to think that you have in your possession a work of art by a famous artist – Van Gogh for example, or Picasso, or – well you can insert any famous artist’s name here – is something wonderful. In 2010 this was exactly what happened […]

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