Archive: July, 2021

VINCENT VAN GOGH — 131 years ago he died … on this day 29 July …

On this day 131 years ago, Vincent, lying dying in the arms of his brother, Theo, was penniless. Today many have become billionaires out of him, and many will continue to do so. In pain, Theo holding him, he said: I want to die like this. Indeed he did. Theo too was at the end […]

Mesmerising majesty demands awe and respect

Sunflowers oil the delights of a summer day out – WHILE REMEMBERING VINCENT VAN GOGH (Here follows a guest post by Chris Aspinall. His blog can be read on IT is, I think, very easy to take the places where we live for granted. I may only have been in the Orb Valley for […]

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