Too fat to be cremated …

All her life Marie-Pierre Pelabarrère

All her life Marie-Pierre Pelabarrère had to listen to people speak of her mother, Danielle (surname not revealed), as ‘the fat one’.

Danielle’s weight had gone up and down but had always remained between 120/140 kilos (265/310 lbs.)

Last week, during the night of Saturday and Sunday (25/26 September) Danielle suffered a heart attack and passed away. She weighed 120 kilos.

Marie-Pierre Pelabarrère knew that her mother had wished to be cremated on her death, but to her surprise and grief, when she called in at the nearest funeral parlor, which directed her to a crematorium, she was told that her mother was too fat to be cremated. She went to another crematorium and was told the same, and so did every one she called on in the Gironde region of France where she lives.

Danielle’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday (30 September) – in France the burial or cremation must take place within a certain time – so her daughter has now gone to the media with her very upsetting story.

All the crematoriums had said that a person of that weight would not fit into the cremation furnace.

This leads me to the question:  but the body will be in a casket, no? So if a body fits into a casket why would the casket not fit into the furnace.

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

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9-29-2010 at 17:27:47

Having worked in a funeral home for a while, I know that we often had to order special caskets for people who were ‘oversized’, but whether these huge caskets would fit into the local crematorium ovens I don’t know, never heard of that problem.

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