One year,  two months and four days ago the fatal shooting of the Iraqi-born Brit Saad Al-Hilli, his wife and her mother, as well as that of Frenchman Sylvain Mollier took place in France on a lay-by in a forest near to a hamlet named Chevaline. The Al-Hilli couple’s eldest child, a daughter named […]


One year,  two months and four days ago the fatal shooting of the Iraqi-born Brit Saad Al-Hilli, his wife and her mother, as well as that of Frenchman Sylvain Mollier took place in France on a lay-by in a forest near to a hamlet named Chevaline. The Al-Hilli couple’s eldest child, a daughter named Zainab, was also shot and she was also badly beaten over her head, but she survived.

Without it having been my intention I have started this on-line discussion about this foul slaughter of ‘innocent’ people which, alas, remains unsolved.

One of our commentators – Lars – has done a most informative summary of the case, known here in France as ‘L’Affair Chevaline’. You will find it here.   Do read it.

You will not be able to comment on any of the past 15 threads, but would have to come to comment here on this thread. I am sure you would want to come and talk to us about this slaughter.

You can also read down below what I’ve written about this case up to today and the very interesting comments from September 7, 2012, by over 100 commentators.

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Marilyn Z. Tomlins


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  1. 405
    Marilyn Z. Tomlins Says:

    Oh, has this blog gone off the rails!!

    What used to be a friendly discussion, has become one of nastiness and insults. This is something I cannot tolerate, so it has now been closed permanently.

    When this discussion developed several people told me that I will have nothing but problems because of it which I did not believe because all were so friendly here.

    So I wish you all a good life.


  2. 404
    partlucid Says:


    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, James’ primary mission on the blog is now to rile other commentators; indeed I can barely recall the last useful contribution he made. I’ve already had to twice refer him back to previous posts of mine because he had taken insufficient notice – either wilfully or through some other impediment – of the salient points. And I still await his further thoughts on a late night declaration, when he rather grandly disputed the ‘X5’. Not surprisingly, there was no response when I invited him to explore his own tacit implication that the police, and perhaps also the BBC, must therefore be guilty of an elaborate piece of deception…

    He does however have ample time for cheap taunts, one of which was directed at you this evening. In my view such conduct should not be tolerated on the blog, although that is of course primarily a matter for Marilyn. Personally I’d call on her to delete his 23.56 to you because it comes into the category of a personal slur…

    Plus a final thought: if someone no longer wants to take part constructively in a discussion, then they should maybe think about spending their penny elsewhere…

    I gather most public toilets will accept low level coinage…

  3. 403
    Rashomon Says:

    @ Oui 11-19-2013 at 12:03:43

    Thanks for posting the link to your diary – had read it some time ago, now have re-read it several times to ensure I got the spirit of the original arabic emails.

    And indeed you are correct about Saad’s disaffection with the UK – I was wrong.

    Hidden away in that diary page are also some nuggets that add to FB’s IM conversations – another reference from SAH relating to Jordanians causing him trouble – also SAH noting that his Skype account had been taken over (in addition to the MSN account he told FB about).

    Interestingly he mentions using Skype from work which (assuming he was working at SSTL) would seem to me a tad risky, but hey I don’t know what their IT policy (if any) was regarding contractors using compromised accounts from within the corporate firewall.

  4. 402
    Patrick Says:


    Yes EM knows what Panorama represents in the UK, and yes he surely has tried to send some message across, I have no doubt about that.

    As to why Panorama ignored “the suit” I don’t know. Did anybody emailed JC to ask her? Journalists very often reply to their public…

    What were the reactions to the program in the UK?
    Did any public figure, any other TV channel, newspaper challenged them? Or is there some conspiracy of silence in the UK? If so why?

    Do you think the British police, will not speak if they were unhappy because this lead has not been taken seriously enough? Don’t you think it would have leaked to the outside word?

    Honestly Steve I don’t know what else to tell you.
    What is your own opinion on the subject?

    you seem to be in pretty good shape tonight! It’s a pity I have no time to discuss with you as it’s (very) late. I hope you won’t mind….
    Next time maybe?
    Have a good night!

  5. 401
    James Says:

    @Paddy !

    You don’t like “Eric” being called Eric !

    Since when did you make the rules “boyo” ?
    Your website is it ?

    I think most that were once here refer to him that way.
    And they were actually likable folk….with knowledge.

    Then there’s you !!!!!

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