Never seen Paris at Christmas? Oh then, should you have the good fortune – may the gods smile on you – and you will be able to visit Paris, then Yuletide is the time to be here in Paree. Paris is simply magnificent at Christmas! Expensive yes, but well … Not only are very many […]

Place du Tertre in Paris’s Montmartre. Chrismas 2017. (cc. Marilyn Z. Tomlins)

Never seen Paris at Christmas?

Oh then, should you have the good fortune – may the gods smile on you – and you will be able to visit Paris, then Yuletide is the time to be here in Paree.

Paris is simply magnificent at Christmas!

Expensive yes, but well …

Paris’s Ave Champs-Elysees Cmas 2017 (cc Marilyn Z Tomlin)

Not only are very many streets – boulevards, avenues and even the winding, narrow, cobbled rues – decorated, but we also have Christmas markets — Marchés de Noël.

Also, stores like Bazaar Hotel de Ville (BHV), Galeries Lafayette and Printemps go all out to make their windows beautiful.

One of the windows of Paris’s Printemps Dept. Store Cmas 2017(cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)

Unfortunately, one Christmas Market which will not be here this Christmas of 2017 is the Champs-Elysées one. This is because Paris’s townhall under the mayorship of Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party) withdrew permission for the 77-year-old Belgian-born Marcel Campion, organiser of the event, to hold it again this year. (You can read here her and her council’s stupid reasons for having withdrawn their permission.) And yes! The reasons are stupid! The market was visited each Christmas by millions of not only Parisians but foreigner tourists, and it was great.

Paris’s Champs-Elysees Cristmas Market 2026 (cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)

There are however other Christmas Markets here in Paris.

The best is at Paris’s La Défense and it is there from 11 each morning until the last visitor has gone on each day of the week and will remain until Sunday, December 31.

Another Christmas Market which is certainly worth a visit is the one at Gare de l’Est railway station. It is known as the Alsatian Christmas Market and as the name implies it sells typically Alsatian culinary treasures.  This market is unfortunately only open until Saturday, December 16.

And another is Santa’s Village, as it is known, in Paris’s chic and expensive (don’t the two always go together?) Saint-Germain-des-Près district. The market’s 30 or so chalets are around the church which in itself is worth a visit. The market already opened on November 13 and closes only on Sunday night, January 7 (2018).

There will also be a Christmas ‘village’ as it will be called, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. This one opens on Thursday, December 21, and closes also on Sunday night, January 7 (2018).

There is another Christmas Market as well.

This is the Montparnasse Christmas Market of about 40 chalets at the foot of the Tour Montparnasse. It opens on December 10 and will close on the night of December 31.

And – from Friday, December 15 to the evening of Sunday, December 24, there will be a Christmas Market in the small garden across the river from Notre-Dame Cathedral.  Known as the Notre-Dame de Paris Marché de Noël, it specialises in gastronomy products, all ‘Made in France’. Even if you do not want to buy anything, just walking around, the beautiful cathedral towering over the market, will be an unforgettable treat.

You may well say that you are not a Christmas Market enthusiast, in which case just walking around Paris and seeing the Christmas lights. So, just walking around Paris will be an unforgettable treat too.

One shop window this Christmas 2017 in Paris (cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)

The windows of the stores are something to see, and so too is Place du Tertre up in Paris’s Montmartre district.

You will also be  able to see nativity scenes in all of Paris’s Christian churches (cathedrals, basilicas). 

The nativity scene in Paris’s Saint Louis d’Antin Church (cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)

You will also see concrete blocks all over Paris. These are barriers blocking vehicles from entering streets and squares where many people will gather. Of course, this is  because of the Islamist terror attacks!

Concrete blocks (cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)

Another such concrete block (cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)


However, do not fear coming to Paris. You will be safe. Thousands of police, gendarmes (militarised police) and soldiers will be keeping Paris safe.

Paris’s Big Wheel on Place de la Concorde this Cmas 2017 (cc Marilyn Z. Tomlins)


Father Christmas braving the cold outside a shop. (cc MarilynZ. Tomlins)

If you have a young child with you most of Paris’s parks offer pony rides to the little ones.

A pony ride in Paris’s Luxemburg Gardens. (cc Marilyn Z.Tomlins)










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