Father Christmas exists … sure he does …

Can you remember when you were told that Father Christmas (Santa) does not exist

Can you remember when you were told that Father Christmas (Santa) does not exist and that it’s your parents who leave those beautifully-wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree?

These days, child psychologists say that children should be told gently that there is no fat old bloke in a red suit going to slide down the chimney bringing gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. If not, they will grow up into serial killers.

Very many French children will now grow up into serial killers, because on Sunday night (October 31) they were brutally told that Father Christmas does not exist.

This happened during the showing of a movie on the independent TV network, TF1. As a Halloween treat the network decided to run the 2007 box-office success Ratatouille about Remy the rat who dreams of becoming a chef in a five-star Parisian restaurant.

There was an Ad break before the screening of the movie and 8,624,000 viewers, many of them children of course, sat in front of the ‘goggle box’ waiting and watching.

One Ad, of twenty seconds, was for the French bank Crédit Mutuelle. It shows a father sitting talking to his adult 30-ish son.

The father reveals to his son that he has bad news to give him, Father Christmas does not exist.

The father’s point was that just as Father Christmas does not exist, it is also not true that bankers do not take commission for investing your money; Crédit Mutuelle is therefore the bank you should give your money to because it won’t take commission off you.

As we all know, small children have big ears, and so those who still believed in Father Christmas, were rudely enlightened.

“My five-year-old daughter was violently shocked,” one mother told the media, while child psychologist, Sonia Ouali from the city of Toulouse said that to so brutally tell a child that Father Christmas does not exist is to shatter a child’s dream.  It is to rob the child of its childhood.

The bank has fought back by saying that it has no control on when an Ad will be run.  The bank has even placed notices on numerous Internet sites to say that it would now make sure that the Ad won’t run when children are in front of the television.

All Ads in France must, according to a decree of March 27 1992, be approved by the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP). This one was and it was first shown on TV in June this year (2010) when the bank had already received complaints from parents.

The March 27 1992 decree makes any racist and sexist references in Ads illegal.

My question is this: Is it not sexist to have a scantily-dressed blonde advertise a car or washing-up liquid  …?

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

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11-4-2010 at 14:04:44

Not if you have a scantily clad male advertising the same things LOL.

Personally I still believe in Santa Claus.

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