It is an ooh la la story! It’s been passing from mouth to ear to mouth for some months now, but the French edition of CLOSER magazine, in its No. 448 S of 11/24 January, 2014, has now told the people of this country what is being said. It is that President François Hollande, elected […]

It is an ooh la la story!

It’s been passing from mouth to ear to mouth for some months now, but the French edition of CLOSER magazine, in its No. 448 S of 11/24 January, 2014, has now told the people of this country what is being said.

It is that President François Hollande, elected in May 2012, is having an affair with a French actress – name: Julie Gayet.

May I say right now that a French president having an affair is the norm. François Mitterrand did and so did a, and b, and xyz. (As the others are still alive, and one of them may rerun for France’s top job in three years’ time, I will name only the late Mitterrand. He even had us, the French tax payer, pay for the security of his mistress and the child they had together.)

In fact, a Frenchman having an affair too is the norm. It’s like him dunking his croissant in his bowl of coffee in the morning: second nature.

In my new book, the novel ‘Bella … A French Life’ I have such a Frenchman – Jean-Louis. My publisher and those who have read the novel and have emailed me about it, all dislike Jean-Louis intensely. They think he is a cad. I tell them that Jean-Louis is French, and that explains it all. In all honestly I must say that French women give their cheating spouses as good as they get. (‘And here and here.)

'Bella ... A French Life'  about love, sex, and adultery ...

‘Bella … A French Life’ about love, sex, and adultery …


CLOSER, having no doubt, staked out the apartment where President Hollande and the lady in question used for their nocturnal activities, has published photos of both of them arriving at the apartment, but separately, and, after a night of ‘whatever’, leaving it in the morning. She on foot to walk to her parked car. The president riding pillion on a scooter. President Mitterrand had the elegance not to have turned up at his mistress’ apartment riding pillion on a scooter, but in an official car with the windows blacked. Another president, one of those I am not naming, did so too. And alas he drove the car himself and one morning at dawn, leaving the apartment, he collided with a truck collecting garbage. The accident was hushed up, of course, but well, journalists have big ears and quickly the news circulated among them.

CLOSER’s photos show Julie Gayet arriving at the apartment on December 30, 2013, at 10.48 p.m.

The  next photo shows Monsieur le président’s trusted bodyguard – the only one of his bodyguards in on the ‘relationship’ –  arriving at the apartment at 11.24 p.m. He looks right and next he looks left, then he peeps into the building’s entrance hall and advising the pres by secure phone that the coast is clear, the third picture shows our venerable elected gentleman arriving at the apartment, riding pillion on a scooter at 11.25 p.m. In other words one minute later.

The 4th photo shows the bodyguard back at the street door of the apartment building on December 31, 2013, at 8.30 a.m. and calling the apartment on the digiphone on the outside of the building.  He is carrying a bag of freshly-baked croissants. He disappears into the building.

Photo 5 taken at 11.18 a.m. shows the president back on the scooter and setting off from the building. The bodyguard stands on the pavement, watching. The bodyguard, by the way, as the magazine points out, has been assuring the president’s safety since before the latter’s election which will soon be two years ago.

Photo 6, taken at 12.13 that day shows Julie Gayet setting off from the apartment on foot.

The apartment, a stone’s throw from the presidential Élysée Palace (official residence) is being rented by Julie Gayet since the summer of last year (2013). It is on the fourth floor and belongs to a couple both of them in the film world. Julie Gayet has two children.  Those living in the building are not now hesitating to speak of the ‘strange visitor in the crash helmet’ who comes to spend his nights in the apartment on the fourth floor. One can only wonder whether they knew who this person was and one of them had not tipped off the media, only CLOSER daring to take photos. And then to share those photos with us, and not just us, but the world.

On one photo the magazine draws a circle around the president’s chic and expensive, and shiny black shoes, as he sits on the scooter. It also draws a circle around the president’s shoes when he was on an official visit on December 29 last year (2013), to Saudi Arabia, representing this country. On the photo he is sitting beside Prince Salmane ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud of Saudi Arabia in Riyad.


CLOSER’s story and photos have gone around the world. Here is what London’s Daily Telegraph wrote about it, and what London’s Daily Mail did.

As Rhet Butler said in ‘Gone with the Wind’ – Frankly my dear I don’t care a damn – and in this case I do not care a damn what President Hollande does, but I do care about is that he is telling us how hard he works and that every moment of his days and nights is spent to make our lives better.

What else bothers me is the holier-than-thou attitude of Monsieur le président. The one of the happy ‘family’ man, so in love with France’official ‘non-official’ ‘first lady’, the former journalist, Valérie Trierweiler, named by some as Valérie Rotweiler, for her attitude towards journalists, once her colleagues. She lives with the president. And she travels with him on official visits as his ‘wife’.

Today, I am sorry for her, because of CLOSER’S photos, as she must have known what was going on, and which is now out in the open, but which she had pretended was not going on. She must feel so humiliated.

Yet, it is said that ‘the way you lose them, is the way you get them’.

I will not explain what I mean …

I am not posting photos of the three protagonists of this saga, as you can get these when you click on the given links. With the Daily Mail’s report there is also a series of photos of Julie Gayet’s film career.

Julie Gayet is 41. President Hollande is 59.

The address of the apartment building where the love nest is is not given in the magazine, but the street number is 20. It should be easy to find … and for sure a journalist is going to find it and his or her paper will reveal it.


France even had a president who had died in office – in the arms of his mistress.

 Félix François Faure died on February 16, 1899, in his office in the official presidential residence while his mistress, Marguerite Steinheil, was performing oral sex on him. He was 57. Steinheil was 30.

He lies buried in Paris’ Père Lachaise cemetery, and fittingly his tombstone shows him lying flat on his back on the tombstone. Someone had a sense of humour. His wife?

Today still many jokes about him are being told.


Felix Faure's grave ... he's lying down ... what else?

Felix Faure’s grave … he’s lying down … what else?


Update : Monday, January 13, 2014

What the French found rather amusing – their president being a Lothario – has now become an ‘affair of state’.

Jean-François Copé, president of the UMP – Union for a Popular Movement – political party now in opposition but whose previous leader, Nicolas Sarkozy was President of France from 2007 to François Hollande’s 2012 election, has said: “This is so disastrous for the function of the presidency.”

He further spoke of the harm this peccadillo is doing to the reputation of France.

Others are saying that, as just a mistress and not a wife, Valerie Treierweiler, the president’s previous inamorata, should now be stripped of the perks she has been enjoying since her lover was elected to the top job.  These perks include accommodation and a staff of five at the presidential residence, as well as the presidential private aircrafts and cars, as well as all the residences, for holidays for example, the State allows the president to use, at her disposal. She has, all being said, been doing the ‘Diana’ thing: travelling to the developing world and shaking hands with the undernourished and the ill. (Read the Daily Mail on this.)

I am actually sorry for the lady, yet – as I said above: the way you get them is the way you lose them. She had become François Hollande’s lover when he was still living with Ségoléne Royal, the mother of his four children. Royal and Hollande had been lovers, living under the same roof, from 1978 to 2007.

As for the love nest, its address is also not a secret anymore.

It is No 20 Rue du Cirque in Paris’ 8th arrondissement (district).

Cirque is French for circus, and yes indeed, what a circus this is now.

The apartment the two love birds – Hollande and Gayet used – is being rented by French actress Emmanuelle Hauck and her estranged husband Michel Ferracci. (Note that I had above said that Gayet was renting the fourth floor apartment, but new info reveals that she and the pres were just borrowing the apartment for their nocturnal activities.)

Hauck is a friend of Gayet, and Hauck’s estranged husband, Ferracci, an actor, was in November 2013 sentenced to a suspended 18 months in prison for his role in an illegal gambling ring in Paris’ Avenue Wagram, the case having become known as the Wagram Case. After the Gayet/Ferracci relationship, which had produced two children, broke up, Gayet took as lover François Masini, a Corsican, who died from gunshot wounds last May (2013) in Corsica in what police said was a ‘gangland shooting’.

Nice company, not so? And we, the people of France, knew nothing about Monsieur le president’s circle of friends and acquaintances.

The apartment, by the way, as Le Parisien, writes this morning, is the property of the wife of a French industrialist, and it was was used regularly by former President Jacques Chirac while he was in office for his private activities which had to remain secret.

The mind boggles – if boggles does not mind!

Ms Valérie Trierweiler has meanwhile on Friday gone into a Paris hospital for a ‘rest’. Le Parisien writes of a sleep cure of ten days although there are reports that she will be discharged today (Monday) already. She is scheduled to accompany her cheating paramour to the USA next month when a meeting at the White House with the Obama’s is on the agenda.

Am I surprised by all of this?

No, I am not, but do read mynovel ‘Bella … A French Life’ and you will know more about the French and sex and love, and you too will not be surprised.

I do though think that France merits more than such behaviour on the part of its president.

So, disgusted I am indeed.





Marilyn Z. Tomlins

18 Responses

1-12-2014 at 10:53:11

Croissants? No flowers, champers, scent? Riding a scooter? That somehow epitomises the little grey man, doesn’t it?

Maybe the Rottweiler is no longer wearing that irritating smirk, but Seg must be chuckling!

1-13-2014 at 14:29:12

Comme vous, Marilyn, je suis dégoûtée par toute cette histoire. Voilà un monsieur qui a bati son succès sur des mensonges, mensonges économiques, politiques, moraux. La presse l’a beaucoup aidé à évincer Nicolas Sarkozy. La voilà qui joue double jeu : la défense de la vie privée mais aussi la publication de détails croustillants. Les langues de bois s’agitent dans les bouches socialistes. Ségolène doit savourer ce retour de bâton (à propos, elle et Hollande ont eu 4 enfants ) – Pauvre Trierweiler qui avait gagné “un cabinet” dans l’affaire (la sienne) mais n’avait pas réussi à s’attirer la sympathie des Français. Ils ne la plaignent pas davantage aujourd’hui, estimant qu’elle ne reçoit que la monnaie de sa pièce ! Il y a vraiment des raisons d’avoir “un coup de blues” comme le dit joliment la presse.
Les millions de chômeurs de notre pays ravagé par une économie défaillante, n’ont pas, eux, le loisir de s’offrir des “coups de blues”… Ils doivent au quotidien trouver le moyen de s’en sortir !

1-13-2014 at 14:31:08

Hi Marilyn,

What can I say? Even if some French men think with these little balls that function as their brain I can’t really understand the French women. What can a beautiful woman see in a man like that? Money? And why do they put up with men like that? I recommend them all to immediately emigrate to Sweden. 😉

Lars (member of the Swedish welcome committee)

1-13-2014 at 14:45:24

Helene, Je suis avec vous pour toute cette histoire abominable! Pauvre France …

Merci pour la correction – 4 enfants. I tried to find it on the Web, but could not.

1-13-2014 at 14:47:09

Lars, exactly! I also wonder what women see in him — but as Helene said on facebook, it is the power that attracts them.

And you know, Lars, here in France, the people believe that the Swedes are the sexually promiscuous race./ They think all French girls are ‘fast’.

1-13-2014 at 14:47:53

Susie, little grey man — for sure … yet, not so little where he should not be little!!

1-13-2014 at 17:28:50

Here is a quote that springs to mind:

Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned”…..

Lars, apparently Trierweiler is going to ‘pardon’ him, absolutely no surprise at all.

The establishment will want to keep her mouth shut, that is gonna cost, and that cost is gonna come out of MY taxes !!!!

Royale must be doubled up with laughter, what goes around, comes around.

As for Gayet, ‘what first attracted you to the millionaire, President of France ?’

1-13-2014 at 18:51:22

Nay, we are not promiscuous, it is just so bloody cold sometimes we have to stay close to keep the warmth. 🙂

I think it would make an impact on the French men if suddenly all the French women disappeared, think about Lysistrate.

1-13-2014 at 20:55:55

Lars, then Frenchmen will go look elsewhere.

1-13-2014 at 21:00:56

Lynda, the ‘poor’ thing is remaining in hospital. I wonder if the Secu is paying for it?

Yes, Royale must be laughing. Such sweet revenge for a woman scorned.

What I would like to know is what do they see in him. Is it in the power? But, even power must at least look like power …

1-14-2014 at 18:57:46

Marilyn, apparently he is ‘brilliant and funny’ !

We all have a type, he wouldn’t be mine, President or not, I just wish he’d been caught having trysts with an ECONOMIST rather than a ‘yawn’ actress.

We all might have profitted !!!

1-14-2014 at 20:20:31

He is certainly funny anyhow!

Perhaps France could have a First Lady, Second Lady, Third Lady etc.
Since they already have ‘concubines’, so why not?

1-14-2014 at 20:25:22

I find it hard understand that Gayet woman.

Here you have a man who cheated on his first woman (?), then obviously cheated on the next (as Gayet well knows), what does she believes will happen next?

1-14-2014 at 20:42:57


Funny he certainly is — at the moment, as you should have seen him in La Parisian’s cartoons. Short, fat little man in a crash helmet. Just as the cigar had become an object of derision after Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, so now the crash helmet will become one.

Indeed Lynda, might he have had an affair with Dominique Strauss-Kahn instead, we might all have benefitted! By the way DSK must be having a nice giggle.

1-14-2014 at 20:50:58

Lars, he described Trierweiler as ‘the love of his life’.This after another woman (Royal) had brought four children into the world for him.

‘French Lover’ sure has quite a different meaning now.

1-15-2014 at 13:48:14

Seems, Gayet has been appointed to the Villa Medici Jury 2014, by Filipetti to ‘please Hollande’!

Rumours are she is pregnant.

By the way Marilyn, Zaid Al-Hilli has had his bail cancelled.

1-15-2014 at 19:37:36


I guess it is some sort of inflation in the phrase ‘the love of his life’, perhaps it should be interpreted as ‘the love of his life between 55-60’?

1-18-2014 at 11:45:37

Valerie ROTTWEILER was not good enough. So be it. But he could have bought an integral helmet. Now that woman Gayet should be pregnant and Rottweiler should be in the mental?? Strauss-Kahn is nothing compared. If Gayet find him cute it is ferm ok with me.

As long as they come together without Durex????

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