“I love my daughter … and I love my wife ,” says Josef Fritzl

Two years ago (2008) I wrote an article on Josef Fritzl, the Austrian incest father

Josef Fritzl, the Austrian Ogre

Two years ago (2008) I wrote an article on Josef Fritzl, the Austrian incest father, for the true crime site crimemagazine-dot-com.

I called Fritzl ‘the Austrian Ogre’, which other writers are doing too now. (Feather in my cap!)

I updated my article in 2009 when an Austrian court of law sentenced Fritzl to life-long incarceration. He is an inmate in Austria’s Stein prison that stands on the River Danube.

There, on Saturday, October 30, this year (2010) the German journalist, Wolfgang Ainetter who is with the German tabloid Bild Zeitung interviewed Fritzl. It was the first time that the Austrian authorities allowed a newsman to see Fritzl, and the first time that Fritzl, who is writing his memoirs, agreed to speak to a journalist.

The French weekly true crime magazine, le nouveau Detective reruns Bild Zeitung’s article in its current issue No.1469 of November 10.

Fritzl, guarded round the clock by two armed security jailers, appeared pleased at Ainetter’s visit.

The first thing he said to the journalist was: “I am famous so there is no need for me to introduce myself.”

He refused to reply when Ainetter asked him whether he had by now worked out for himself what had come into him to have made his teenage daughter, Elisabeth,  his sex slave, imprisoning her in a dank basement room where he had made her pregnant seven times.

Similarly, when asked by Ainetter whether he regretted what he had done, he had refused to reply.

Fritzl did however say that he had loved his daughter, still loved her, and that he also loved his wife, still loved her.

He said that he often thought of his wife. “Especially at night,” he said.

Not his wife, now divorced from him, neither the children they had had together (Elisabeth’s siblings) nor the children his rape of Elisabeth had produced, visit him in prison. In fact, no one ever visits him.

According to Ainetter’s Bild Zeitung article, the Austrian Ogre has no contact with Stein’s other inmates, most of them rapists, paedophiles and psychopaths, some of whom had threatened to cut Fritzl’s throat, which is why he is guarded every minute of the day and night.

He spends his days working a small vegetable garden, and watching television: He can view 38 networks.

When not doing the one or the other, he is busy writing his memoirs.  He writes in longhand and has already covered hundreds of sheets of white paper with his small scribble.

Now 75 years old, he rises at 5h30 a.m. and he can crawl into bed when he feels like it. There are no lights-out in Stein.

I wonder if there is a publisher sick enough to publish this monster’s memoirs.  And will there be a reader sick enough to wish to read it.

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

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11-14-2010 at 15:11:53

That is one of the problems in jails that prison officers are expected to treat such prisoners the same as other inmates and to protect them from harm, no matter what they have done.

There are lots of people who would read his memoirs unfortunately.

11-14-2010 at 16:09:33

Your Comments Unbelievable that someone so evil has any sort of life after ruing so many lives.

11-15-2010 at 10:16:05

I think there will certainly be a publisher sick enough to publish his memoirs. If I remember rightly though, he is not allowed to make any money from them and all rights go to his daughter.

Maybe he’s keeping his regrets for his book to give an incentive to buy it? If he tells all beforehand there won’t be so much publicity upon publication. He’s quite twisted enough to manipulate the voyeurs who wish to read his sick confession.

And he obviously loves the fame, smug bastard.

11-16-2010 at 06:29:19

Such a sicko. Ogre is right! I can’t see his photo without it making me feel a little quesy. I pray that his family can somehow heal.
(And that Ogre has more TV channels than I do! He should be thrown in a dark box with no light and no human contact)

11-23-2010 at 10:34:43

I watched this documentary here in the States and had to wonder about Fritzl’s wife. I would have been delving into the situation if my grandchildren started showing up on our doorstep.

This evil monster seems to have no regrets; has simply traded one dungeon for another.

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