MY BOOK ‘DIE IN PARIS’ … now source book in Paris’s Shoah Memorial Museum …

  Paris’s Mémorial de la Shoah Musée  – the Shoah Memorial Museum – is from now on including my book ‘Die in Paris’ in their library where it is available to researchers. ‘Die in Paris’ tells the story of Dr Marcel Petiot who during World War Two, France under the Nazi boot, slaughtered Jews. He […]

Shoah Memorial Museum in Paris

Shoah Memorial Museum in Paris


Paris’s Mémorial de la Shoah Musée  – the Shoah Memorial Museum – is from now on including my book ‘Die in Paris’ in their library where it is available to researchers.

‘Die in Paris’ tells the story of Dr Marcel Petiot who during World War Two, France under the Nazi boot, slaughtered Jews.

Dr Marcel Petiot as a young family doctor.

Dr Marcel Petiot as a young family doctor.

He sold an escape route to people who wanted to escape from Occupied France but there was no escape route and instead he slaughtered his victims. He was guillotined for the murder of 26 people, but the police and pathologists, judging by the amount of human remains found at his Paris townhouse thought he had killed about two-hundred.

The word Holocaust is used in English-peaking countries, but here in France we use the Hebrew word ‘Shoah’ – catastrophe.

The museum is at Number 7 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier in the 4th Arrondissement (district), not far from the River Seine. The nearest Métro station is Pont-Marie which borders the Seine and from there it is a couple of minutes walk. The museum is open every day, but Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, from 10 a.m. to 6p.m. It is free.


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Marilyn Z. Tomlins

6 Responses to “MY BOOK ‘DIE IN PARIS’ … now source book in Paris’s Shoah Memorial Museum …”

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    Marilyn Z. Tomlins Says:


    I emailed you Julie.

    All best

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    Julie White Says:

    Hi, I was wondering where I can buy your book Die in Paris? My husband has expressed an interest in reading it, look forward to your response, thank you.

  3. 4
    Marilyn Z. Tomlins Says:

    Oui, thank you very much for this.

    I know all about Grombach, a most unreliable raconteur. I studied his 1980 book as part of my research. Towards the end of his life he was ‘in the dog box’ and there he died.

    Great research you’ve done. Thank you so much.

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    Oui Says:

    GOOGLE SEARCH: Dr Petiot Paris CIA “The Pond”

    To Marilyn, as per request?

    Website CIA in Langley, Virginia – Pond Operations

    Most of the available information on Pond operations during World War II comes from Grombach’s writings many years later, particularly his book, The Great Liquidator, published in 1980. The book recounts the story of Marcel Petiot, a Parisian doctor who was a Pond source—and also a serial killer, who was tried, convicted, and guillotined in 1946. Petiot passed on gossip obtained from his patients and contacts in Paris, who included German Abwehr officers posted in Paris and refugees from the east. In the book, Grombach made a variety of interesting claims about the nature of Petiot’s information. In 1942, for example, Petiot reported a story he had heard from a Polish patient that the Soviet NKVD had massacred 18,000 Polish officers in the Katyn Forest. The Pond reported this to War Department headquarters, where McCormack suppressed it, in Grombach’s view, because it showed the Soviet Union in a negative light. Petiot also reportedly identified a number of Abwehr agents who had been sent to the US, allowing the FBI to turn some of them.

    Before the CIA, There Was the Pond

    Matthew Aid, an intelligence historian and author of “The Secret Sentry: The Untold History of the National Security Agency” who has reviewed some of the collection, said there was no evidence the Pond’s reports made their way to decision-makers. “I’m still not convinced that Grombach’s organization was a worthwhile endeavor in World War II and even less so when it went off the books,” he said.

    What it may have lacked in quality and influence, however, the Pond certainly made up with chutzpah. One of the outfit’s most unusual informers was a French serial killer named Marcel Petiot, Grombach wrote in a 1980 book.

    The Secret Intelligence Branch, as he referred to the Pond, began receiving reports from Petiot during the war. He was a physician in Paris who regularly treated refugees, businessmen and Gestapo agents, but he also had a predilection for killing mostly wealthy Jews and burning their bodies in a basement furnace in his soundproofed house. He was convicted of 26 murders and guillotined in 1946.

    Nevertheless, Grombach considered him a valuable informer because of his contacts.

    One cable discovered among the newly released papers appears to confirm the Pond was tracking Petiot’s whereabouts. In the undated memo, the writer says Petiot was drawn by a Gestapo agent “into a trap to be arrested by the Germans.” Petiot was briefly arrested in 1943 by the Gestapo.

    Such sources were often feeding their reports to top operatives – often businessmen or members of opposition groups. But there were also journalists in the spy ring.

    Ruth Fischer, code-named “Alice Miller,” was considered a key Pond agent for eight years, working under her cover as a correspondent, including for the North American Newspaper Alliance. She had been a leader of Germany’s prewar Communist Party and was valuable to the Pond in the early years of the Cold War, pooling intelligence from Stalinists, Marxists and socialists in Europe, Africa and China, according to the newly released documents.

    But it was the help from businesses in wartime that was essential to penetrating Axis territories.

    The Philips companies, including their U.S. division, gave the Pond money, contacts, radio technology and supported Grombach’s business cover in New York. Philips spokesman Arent Jan Hesselink said the company had business contacts with Grombach between 1937 and 1970. He added that they could not “rule out that there was contact between Philips and Grombach with the intention of furthering central U.S. intelligence during the war.”

    Article Before the CIA, there was the Pond [July 29, 2010]
    AP photo

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    Marilyn Z. Tomlins Says:

    Adam, Thank you for your comment.

    I have just read a wonderful book by Abraham W. Landau – Branded on My Arm and in My Soul: A Holocaust Memoir published with the assistance of crowdsourcing. I highly recommended it.

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    Adam F. Green Says:

    There were also major resistance efforts in three of the extermination camps. In August 1943, an uprising also took place at the Treblinka extermination camp . Many buildings were burnt to the ground, and seventy inmates escaped to freedom, but 1,500 were killed. Gassing operations were interrupted for a month. In October 1943, another uprising took place at Sobibór extermination camp . This uprising was more successful; 11 SS men and a number of Ukrainian guards were killed, and roughly 300 of the 600 inmates in the camp escaped, with about 50 surviving the war. The escape forced the Nazis to close the camp. On October 7 , 1944 , the Jewish Sonderkommandos (those prisoners kept separate from the main camp and involved in the operation of the gas chambers and crematoria) at Auschwitz staged an uprising. Female prisoners had smuggled in explosives from a weapons factory, and Crematorium IV was partly destroyed by an explosion. The prisoners then attempted a mass escape, but all 250 were killed soon after.

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