Serial rapist on the loose in Paris …

Remember the Boston Strangler or the Yorkshire Ripper

Police Photo of Rapist

Remember the Boston Strangler or the Yorkshire Ripper? Both – Albert DeSalvo in the 1960s in Boston and Peter Sutcliffe in the 1980s in Yorkshire, sent shivers down the spines of women and their men folk.  DeSalvo had raped and killed 13 women and so had Sutcliffe. DeSalvo was stabbed to death in jail. Sutcliffe is serving a life sentence in the UK’s Dartmoor  prison.

The women of Paris are too now not walking down quiet lanes after nightfall, because there is a serial rapist on the loose here. He rapes young girls – children – but the Parisians are saying that one never knows.

The rapist’s name is Youcef Achibane. He is of North African (Arab) extraction, and being described as tall and thin with cropped hair. He is 36 years old.

He has two rapes of minors to his name. That is, DNA tests left no doubt that he was the rapist. He might though have committed more. He was also a drug dealer, crook and swindler for which he had served short sentences.

The first rape he had committed in 2003 west of Paris in the Hauts-de-Seine region.  He was sentenced to 8 years incarceration on January 24, 2004, served four years and was released for good behavior and after psychiatrists had declared him freed of his demons.

As such he returned to the Hauts-de-Seine region, took up with a woman, and settled down with her.

On the night of January 31/February 1, 2009, he raped for the second time. His victim was 17 years old. It had also happened in the Hauts-de-Seine region not far from where he and his girlfriend were living.

Arrested and incarcerated in Fleury-Merogis jail watch?v=ONT4MD8xkxw south of Paris he was driven to the court house in Nanterre, west of Paris, on Thursday, September 23 (2010) for the commencement of his trial. That evening at 7, the first day of his trial over but sentence still to be pronounced, he was waiting in a chamber at the court house to be driven back to jail. He was, according to the police, handcuffed and sitting quietly waiting for the panier à salade salad basket, slang for a prisoner transport vehicle – to arrive.

There are several versions of what happened next, but at some time the policeman guarding him, had left him on his own which had given him the opportunity to run for it. He had managed to undo the handcuffs; I understand that anyone who has spent more than two nights in jail knows how to unlock a pair of handcuffs.

The police had immediately put tracker dogs on his tail and trail, but after having followed him right across Paris, the dogs had lost his scent in the north-west of Paris, around the Porte de Champerret Metro (underground train) station. That’s Metro Line Number 3.

His trial continued without him and he was sentenced to 18 years incarceration. When he is recaptured there will be a brief retrial which will take into consideration his escape.

The police are meanwhile guarding his girlfriend (now his ex-girlfriend) because she had given evidence again him.

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

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9-29-2010 at 17:34:16

There are some nasty buggers around aren’t there?

One complaint about your new site, I have to identify myself every time, its a nuisance.

9-30-2010 at 09:49:09

Sorry about this Jo, but it is beyond my control.
I also have to identify myself when I comment on your blog and then there is also the word combination to copy.
Perhaps it had not been necessary for you to identify yourself in the past because we were both then on a google blog application.

10-21-2010 at 17:32:10

Maybe the GREATEST post that I read all month???

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