The Demon Drink …. (Oh do please read with caution!)

A French cardiologist has written a book about how alcohol addiction can be overcome. No – cured! Cured, so that you can have a glass without the urge to have another and another and another … Dr. Olivier Ameisen, 50, was himself an alcoholic, a drinker who had tried several addiction dry-outs as well as […]

A French cardiologist has written a book about how alcohol addiction can be overcome. No – cured! Cured, so that you can have a glass without the urge to have another and another and another …

Dr. Olivier Ameisen, 50, was himself an alcoholic, a drinker who had tried several addiction dry-outs as well as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and hypnotism, all ending with him falling off the wagon yet again, but today he is indifferent to the demon drink. His book – Le Dernier Verre (The last Glass) – published by Editions Denoël is selling … well, it’s selling faster than glasses of red wine in a Paris bistro.

It was on January 7 2004 – never will he forget the date – that he had realised that either he stopped his drinking or it will stop him. He’d heard of the successful clinical trials of a drug named Baclofen – the human “guinea pigs” had all stopped drinking – and he decided that he was going to take it. He started with 30 mg daily and after a while he increased his dose to 270 mg each day.

As he says: “The effects were spectacular. I could look at a glass of alcohol and remain quite indifferent to it. The Baclofen had given me an immediate, effortless and total indifference to alcohol. A year after having started to take Baclofen I was even able to drink a glass of alcohol without any desire to have a second or to continue drinking. This is the real revolution called Baclofen: it is the first medication that totally suppresses the desire to drink.”

Is he the only one to have “cured” his alcoholism with Baclofen? He says that he is not, that there are another two “official” cases. “But there exist numerous other cases. For example one is in the USA and a Swiss university is currently finalising its research on twenty cases,” he says.

All he wants to do now is to spread the word that alcoholism can be cured. He says, “I wish to attend as many conferences as I can. I want to get the message out so that people can know that there is a medication that cures alcoholism. That they should ask their doctor about it and be cured just as I was.”

Please, do not go and put yourself on Baclofen if you can’t stop at the first, second or third glass, or if you have to absolutely drink every day. Baclofen is “not” to be played with.

What is it?

Baclofen is an oral medication that relaxes skeletal muscles – skeletal muscles are those that move the skeleton. Chemically Baclofen is related to Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter present in the brain. So what is a neurotransmitter? It is a chemical that nerves use to communication with one another. GABA produced by some nerves works against other nerves to decrease their activity. Therefore, Baclofen, a GABA, blocks the activity of that part of the brain that controls the contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscles. It is therefore used in the treatment to relax spasms of the skeletal muscles that causes rigidity, pain and so on. For this reason it is prescribed to multiple sclerosis sufferers. The daily dose is 10/20 mg, but the starting dose is only 5 mg daily – Dr. Ameisen took up to 270 mg daily at one stage. Tell this to any doctor and he will probably have a heart attack.

What you should also know about Baclofen is that it reduces blood pressure, increases blood sugar, causes drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, increases urinary function or total urinary detention, respiratory failure, insomnia, depression, confusion and seizure. Abrupt discontinuation of it can cause fever, muscle rigidity even muscle breakdown, hallucination, seizure, kidney failure and even … death.

But it cured Dr. Ameisen’s alcoholism.

I don’t know but somehow a glass of wine looks so very desirable suddenly …

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

4 Responses to “The Demon Drink …. (Oh do please read with caution!)”

  1. 4
    Anonymous Says:

    Marilyn, I think that all drugs have side effects should a one take a wrong dose. This drug though does sound rather frigtening, yet, so does alcholism. I suppose there is a price to pay for everything.


  2. 3
    Jo Says:

    The only trouble with that Satima, is if you are not actually an alcoholic (an you certainly weren’t with one drunken session) of course you can stop if you are determined. However, that does mean you can never enhance your food with a glass of wine, nor can you add various liquors and/or wines to your food. No wonder you don’t cook LOL. Things may have changed, but one never used to see drunks in France although people did drink a lot of wine. I have seen more drunks in countries where alcohol was restricted, than I ever have in a country where it was freely imbibed. I am talking drunks now, not alcoholics.

  3. 2
    Satima Flavell Says:

    It would be a marvellous thing if they could reduce the side effects. But with any addiction, I think it boils down to what the person really wants. If you want to be a non-smoker more than you want to smoke, you can stop smoking. It won’t be easy, but you can do it. I did. I once, and only once, got so drunk that I could not remember the next day what I had done. I stopped drinking, cold turkey. It wasn’t easy either, but I wanted not to drink more than I wanted to drink, so I succeeded. People who’ve given up hard drugs tell me they’ve done the same thing. I think that’s the way to go, rather than risking such nasty side effects. I would imagine that if the person didn’t want to stop drinking, they would start again as soon as they came off the drug.

  4. 1
    Jo Says:

    I think I would rather overindulge periodically than take the risk of that drug. However, if you really are an alcoholic it can totally devastate your life, so I guess its worth trying. I don’t think I have got that far yet LOL

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